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xPest Control [ABCL10] [Point Spending]

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heres my proggy over night, i noticed while i baby sat it early on that it get stuck behind brawlers and wont stop clicking on map or monster it originally tried going to. when you get to almost 250 points, it'll keep clicking the gangplank instead of the confirming the "do you want to enter with 249 points" dialogue. 


other than that looks like a great script to babysit and run over night, ill make sure im around when i need to get the robes just so im not sitting outside boat for too long.


thanks :)

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Can you please run this script on an account. There's so many flaws with this. 

Here's a few


1. It doesn't open gates

2. It defends void knight when I'm asking it to attack portals and monsters

3. It doesn't attack portals, just monsters

4. It should attack spinners

5. It should prioritize to attack spinners, then portals, then other monsters

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I have a suggestion i notice if the bot misses the boat with the group it goes afk for to long and logs out so i suggest making the bot move around a little bit more while he is on the boat so it doesnt log out and will last longer.



I will take a look at it :)

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any chance you will add in dbaxe support? changes to dbaxe at start of boat, uses spec and then switches to other wep? could be an option in the gui.. this scirpt needs alot of work, in order to be firstly efficient and secondly not to look like a complete bot... it runs around like a crazed bot often running to a random corner, i ask it to defend knight and it goes on its own mission, ask it to attack portals and monsters, hasnt even touched a portal(yes i am babysitting), doesnt prioritise important monsters (aka spinners)...so much work needed, yea uve done the basic get the damage required for points but alot more is needed and if its done id definitely make this premium..but even for a free one its lacking abit, sorry i usually like your scripts

Edited by bobos

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Testing now. Will post a progress report in an hour.

EDIT: Use of the veteran boat will result in spam clicking the gangplank.

Position north east corner: 2635, 2654, 0

Position South west corner: 2632, 2649, 0

The paint seems to be completely non-functional, other than "Runtime" nothing is working for me.

EDIT: Paint is now functional, although it still hasn't picked up on the first few games.

Suggestion: Add an XP/HR timer ?


He started at 0 points, so it's actually at 54/hr !!

Edited by yaroow

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been runnin this bad boy all day while babysitting its awesome ty! There's a error that happened where it momentarily switched to defense and I got 2 def by accident, sucks but I was lucky I had seen it early enough, other than great job and ty!

wow.. what kind of glitch does that. that's shit :(


well.. if you update this script, it spams the vet boat plank when ur already in the boat. script works otherwise. Caught it running back and forth from landed boat to knight and so on. One of the vets pointed out "this is the reason why we're not getting so-n-so pts/hr". 


For being free, great script. Hell. Even great as a premium if it were; however, very bot like :P I'd pay for something like this but with the aforementioned issues fixed.


3 Months ago I was 2daybanned for PC using another premium. Hopefully the same doesn't happen to this flagged account even with human mouse implementation


Thank you

Edited by boatsb4hose

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