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Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

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On 2/15/2018 at 12:13 PM, 9055394 said:

Does tribot use the data collected on the "Mouse data collector" that i just recorded or do i need to send it to you guys first to get my own clicks?

send 20-22 of them (yes it takes a while but you can do it in chunks i think) and they will use it to make you a custom mouse dataset that you can use.

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Posted (edited)

Just started doin this, after my first 700/700 clicks i ddnt so any option to save or anything, so i did just press the X to close it in the corner, did it save somewhere? or did i miss something. :) Also any difrence if i give you about 40 files? not reward, but is it better for the '' bot '' to get alot files from one user? if its not for any earning il just the requested ones. but if i can help even more id like to :)

Edit : i just saw after closing it where it got saved!

Another Edit : do we get all the data to our botclient, or just our own data?

Edited by spaxxii
found one of my own answers.

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