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[ABC2] USA's Tablets [All Tablets, Staffs, Lecterns] [Great Money Making and Magic]

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On 3/14/2017 at 5:32 AM, jjesperr said:

When you make lumbridge or varrock tabs the script does not recognize that u finished making tabs and just keeps on clicking the lectern endless.
This broken script and support is not worth $30 can i please have my money back?

Pretty sure some Tribot methods need to be fixed, not the script's fault.



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Hey usa. since you might have missed my skype message i've sent to you ill post on here also, i have contacted you about your tablet maker a while back and you fixed the issue it had so i bought it but after like 2-3 days of using your flawless script it happened again. my char seems to click on run instead of call butler could you please fix this since i cant use your script :/

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On 3/18/2017 at 2:54 PM, atrain0009 said:

Hiya USA,

Love the script, just a small issue with Teleport to House - it doesn't recognize dust runes and thus log outs immediately saying "Out of earth runes". Would it be possible for you to add Dust rune support?


You can use a dust battlestaff

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On 13/03/2017 at 3:05 PM, jjesperr said:

Bot misclicks on the poll booth in edge bank and gets stuck, and phials is still not fixed...

This happened with all of USA's scripts I've used, the lack of acknowledgement this is an issue is stopping me rebuying any of his scripts

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On 9/4/2017 at 7:41 PM, guthixx said:

About to purchase VIP-e and this script to get back into botting.


Does this script find a auto host? Also, is the script stable as of now?


3 hours ago, rvdxrklvn said:


You need to select a host yourself. Just make a fresh account and level construction up, and use on of the scripts that afk's in your house. I was using the same host for a long time, and still haven't been banned yet

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9 hours ago, jermbywermby said:

when unnoting at phials and coming back to house, the script gets stuck trying to click the lectern even though the door is shut. i have to manually open the door each time it un-notes. can you fix that?

Why are your doors shut...?

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Does not seem to work at all. Clicks random tiles after it uses all of the clay. I've tried every method with this. My bell pull is literally right behind the wall in view but it never clicks it. I have all my settings right but it's not even capable of using my wall mounted glory, it just clicks to enable and disable my running. I'd like a refund.



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Forgot to tag USA

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Hey man, i bought this script recently, its fine and all, but i cant manage to make Bones to bananas tablets.

It just ends script whenever i put Bones to bananas on


  • [04:47:50] Mouse speed set to: 100
  • [04:47:50] We are using a Staff of earth.
  • [04:47:50] > Removing Earth rune
  • [04:47:50] (1) Nature rune costs a total of 214 gp.
  • [04:47:50] (2) Water rune costs a total of 10 gp.
  • [04:47:50] (1) Soft clay costs a total of 133 gp.
  • [04:47:50] Bones to Bananas has a value of 711 gp.
  • [04:47:50] Profit margin is (711gp - 357gp) for a total of 354gp per tablet!
  • [04:47:50] Starting Bones to Bananas count is 40
  • [04:47:50] Required items for Bones to Bananas:
  • [04:47:50] > Nature rune (1)
  • [04:47:50] > Water rune (2)
  • [04:47:50] > Soft clay (1)
  • [04:47:50] > Coins (10000)
  • [04:47:50] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class scripts.usa.api.entity.x
  • [04:47:50] at scripts.Tablets.TabMaker.e(TabMaker.java:1030)
  • [04:47:50] at scripts.Tablets.TabMaker.run(TabMaker.java:244)
  • [04:47:50] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)
  • [04:47:50] ------------------------------
  • [04:47:50] Thank you for using USA Tab Maker v9.7!
  • [04:47:50] Time: 00:00:00
  • [04:47:50] We made 0 Bones to Bananas tablets.
  • [04:47:50] Total profit: 0
  • [04:47:50] ------------------------------
  • [04:47:51] Script Ended: USA Tab Maker.


Edited by miggo13

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