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[ABC2] USA's Tablets [All Tablets, Staffs, Lecterns] [Great Money Making and Magic]

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@Usa if i give you an account to re-write the script, can i get 14 days of access added back to my 3 purchases?


From the time you mentioned issues, I've remained approachable and have added everyone who has sent me a skype request or private message. Still waiting contact from you, we can talk then @devyn81

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Dude can you not read? I gave him an account hes fixing script 


@devyn81 Between your terrible English and the ambiguity in the quote below, I'd say it was a valid question. But thanks for the rude and entirely useless answer.



Something broke on the update? Please tag me @Usa, PM me, or contact me via Skype for support in the future.


Anyone have an account available? I'll rewrite and/or add anything you would like.

Edited by Duncan Majunkin

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So here's an update,


I have began rewriting this script from the ground up, not reusing an code and writing it in a much more intuitive and efficient manner. USA Tab Maker V2 is underway and the core of the new design is looking solid.


What I have left is finishing the new paint, rewriting servant support, and collecting some game data.


Some new features are auto-price grabbing from RSBuddy's GE API, intuitive banking with staff detection to support any equipment/material loadout, and quicker methods across the board.


Expect the new version to roll out Saturday/Sunday.


Any feedback/ideas/suggestions on things to add, feel free to add to this thread, PM me, or shoot me a message on Skype.



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Sup with the update @Usa


Coming along nicely, including profit/tab calculation with automatic pricing.


[11:23:09] Required items for Teleport to house:

[11:23:09] > Law rune (1)

[11:23:09] > Earth rune (1)

[11:23:09] > Air rune (1)

[11:23:09] > Coins (5000)

[11:23:09] > Soft clay (1)

[11:23:09] We are using a Mud battlestaff.

[11:23:09] > Removing Earth rune

[11:23:09] Law rune has a value of 186 gp.

[11:23:09] Air rune has a value of 4 gp.

[11:23:09] Soft clay has a value of 268 gp.

[11:23:09] Teleport to house has a value of 871 gp.

[11:23:09] Profit margin is (871 - 458) for a total of 413 gp per tablet!


Trying to finish by today.

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Good to see you working on it, to bo honest, as your script user I would prefer if you put your time into stability of the script, automated pricing isnt priority.


Thats imo, hope to see the update soon, thanks!


Pricing was just something new so I thought i'd mention it.


Failsafes, stability, and efficient methods were the focus of this rewrite. It is looking great and I think you will all be happy.


Release will be today :)

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V5.0 (Rewrite) - 06/21/2015

- Complete rewrite of the Script from the ground up

- Automatic price grabbing for profit calculation

- Smart detection for Staff/tablet requirements for determining the exact required amount of materials

- Stops when out of supplies (Servant or in Bank)

- Closes bank and withdraws items with much faster speed

- Custom walking for Yanille method

- Uses function keys to change tabs

- Uses keyboard entries for chat interface selection (no more firing Servant due to misclicks)

- Rewrote all methods to be more efficient and faster on screen

- Servant method moves to the lectern and hovers over it while waiting for Servant to return

- Added XP and Magic to the paint

- Added ending to print out statistics of your session

- ... and so much more...


Took about a day, hope you all enjoy the "new" product of USA Tab Maker V5.0


Edit: Realized I didn't add support for Demon Butler quite yet, ill need to grab his interface chat messages. You can use "Butler" for now.

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