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[Tutorial] Change your IP address [Dynamic IP's only]

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Changing your IP address may come in handy in many occasions. Where we specifically aim for here, is avoiding future bans, because you are botting on a flagged IP. 


Step one:


Open your command prompt window. This can be found by searching 'cmd' in windows explorer. The following window will pop up.



Step two:

Enter the following line in your command prompt: 'ipconfig' and press enter.


Step three: 

Scroll up and look for the the address as shown on the picture. Copy this address into your web browser. 



NOTE: this command prompt is in dutch. For english versions you will have to look for 'default gateway'.


Step four: 

You are now in the router settings page. What we are looking for is the MAC address. In order to find this, just scroll down a little.

Make sure you use the last option, as shown on the picture. Now it's just a matter of changing the last number of your MAC address.




NOTE: some router setting pages require a login name and password. In many occasions the login name is 'admin' and the password is 'password'. If this doesn't work for you, google [router name + default login settings].


E.g.: 00:21:6B:46:BA:05 becomes 00:21:6B:46:BA:06


NOTE: if your MAC address doesn't end with a number, don't worry. Just use the last number you see.


E.g.: 00:21:C2:73:BD:3F becomes 00:21:C2:73:BD:4F


Step five:

Click 'apply', at the bottom of the page. Your change will be applied.


Your IP address has now been changed!


Handy alternative method, thanks to Stefeman:

1. Open up the command prompt.

2. Type 'ipconfig\release'. Your computer will now disconnect from the internet.

3. Type 'ipconfig\renew'. Your computer will now reconnect with the internet.

4. Your IP address should have been changed by now.


NOTE: if this doesn't work, try resetting your modem and router (which is as simple as turning it's power on and off) and repeat this method.





Q: How can I check if my IP address has changed?

A: Visit http://whatismyipaddress.com/ before and after you followed the steps above.


Q: My IP hasn't changed after I followed these steps. What do I do?

A: Try following the exact same steps once again. After you have done this, turn off the power of your router and your modem for a couple of minutes.


Q: How do I know whether my IP address is flagged?

A: You cannot say with certainty that your IP address is flagged. However, chances are high that your IP is flagged after you have been (chain)banned on your account(s) once.


Q: Are there other methods to hide/change my IP address?

A: Yes. This is just one of them, only used for botters who use their own PC/laptop to bot. Other methods are:

- the use of proxies (which is possible with an extended VIP botting package)

- the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

- turn off your modem and router for an entire night.



Happy botting

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You are right stefeman, this is also a legitimate option. Though I tried this several times, and it didn't work for me. I will add your suggestion to the Q/A though, because for others this might work perfectly well. Thank you!


If you have NAT enabled, it will most likely fail. As for me, my ISP assings total 5 ipv4 adresses per customer so i have my ADSL modem on bridged ip, therefore my public ip changes each time.


in english: instead of LAN adress such as 192.168.x.x i see public ones like in my ipconfig


For people with NAT/LAN enabled, only shutting down the box (which acts as DHCP server) will get you a new ip adress.

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