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TRiBot Release 9.200_0

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TRiBot Release 9.200_0
Artificially Intelligent Anti-Ban

  • For the past 7 weeks, I have been developing an artificially intelligent antiban system. The system works by analyzing how the script performs, the patterns that form, when the player is idling (and the length time), and the triggers which make the script perform certain actions. After doing the analyzing, the system will make decisions on when to perform antiban actions, when and where it should hover the mouse, and when to rotate the camera to face a certain object.
  • It works in conjunction with ABC (Anti-Ban Compliance), and character randomization (creating unique profiles for every different bot). In doing so, the antiban system is able to make the bot seem more human-like.

  • It is automatically able to apply the following ABC elements:
    • Checking XP
    • Checking the Quests Tab
    • Checking the Friends Tab
    • Checking the Combat Tab
    • Checking the Music Tab
    • Examining Random Objects
    • Randomly Rotating the Camera
    • Mouse Leaving the Game
    • Picking Up the Mouse
    • Random Mouse Movement
    • Random Right Clicking
    • Response Time to New Object
    • Response Time to Switching Objects
    • Hovering Objects
    • Using Closest Objects vs Using Objects Which Aren't the Closest
    • Moving to the Anticipated Next Object Location
    • Delay Between Item Interaction
    • Purposeful camera movement.
  • After rigorous testing by myself and other community members, we have noticed a significant reduction in bans received. This system will do a great job in reducing bans for all of TRiBot users. However, we have yet to design a system which avoids 100% bans (but that is our goal), so don't expect to never get banned. The user plays a large part in preventing bans, so bot in a smart manner.

Script Queue

  • The script queue is a tool which runs scripts in an orderly fashion. Users will be able to add an unlimited amount of scripts to the queue, and have them run one after another. You won't be limited to just one account per queue; you can use as many different accounts as you want. The tool will switch accounts when ready to do so.
  • This tool can be used to decrease ban rates. By switching up tasks every once in a while, users will be able to throw off Jagex's pattern detection system, as well as throw off players whom are watching other players/bots.

World Hopper API

  • We finally have a world hopper API, so scripts won't have to use their own hoppers. Credits to Usa for this.

Trading API

  • We now have an extensive API for trading. Credits to Usa for some of this.

Improved Web Walking

  • Our web walker is now better able to handle all doors.

Improved Script Engine

  • A part of the script engine has been rewritten to prevent script/random/client freezing.

Fixed the Restart Client on RS Update Feature

  • The client is now able to automatically restart the RuneScape client once an update occurs (there was a bug in the previous released, which prevented this feature from working). Since TRiBot is automatically updated as soon as RuneScape updates, you won't have to wait any time before continuing to bot. You also won't even have to manually restart your clients.

Increased Efficiency

  • The efficiency of the core API has been improved.

Expanded RSItemDefinition/RSNPCDefinition/RSObjectDefinition APIs

  • More methods! (Most aren't really useful, but whatever)
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Seems like the webwalking is still iffy

Yea it is I just tried using Master walker. It goes off track (possibly trying to make a path there, but realizing there isn't one) and then back on the path..

^Nah that's not the case, It even clicked north over the water at barb village when my destination was edgeville

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World Hopper API

  • We finally have a world hopper API, so scripts won't have to use their own hoppers. Credits to Usa for this.


Wow thank you so much Usa.  I've really been struggling with getting a world hopper 100% effective.  This is great.

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I have noticed that webwalking is improved, but the bot is still missing the target a bit, like at seers village, walking from the bank, it will always click too far past the tree pen, and will walk past it every time before correcting. So I can't run your WC at least, and any other script as I see it until thats fixed.


Because I can't just let it run past the trees to the same tiles every time before correcting back into the pen predictably. 


This is a step in the right direction but my bots are still considered broken due to the webwalking bug. 


Soo, thanks, but I wonder if I'm doing something wrong at this point? I havn't been able to bot with any walking reliability for about two weeks?


And its so noticeable and frequent that I cannot choose to ignore it.


*edit* and when leaving the seers yews, it will click VERY south of the pen, before going north as it should. 

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