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Peticca10 Scripter Appilaction

Peticca10 for scripter?  

6 members have voted

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Note: If you vote it would be beneficial for me if you left a reasoning for your decision.


Peticca10 Scripter Application




    Highlight walking path: [http://pastebin.com/Y5bvNTn3https://tribot.org/forums/topic/38072-highlight-walking-path

       This snippets consists of some very simple code that isn't know but most beginner developers making it a good fit for a new scripter to learn from.

        The majority of my projects are open-source and continue to be and this can be found in every script I produce because it is so useful and adds

        a nice flair to the user experience.


    Highlight a RSModel: [http://pastebin.com/n63Ze6N9[https://tribot.org/forums/topic/38073-highlight-model/]


       I found this method of highlight models through a long journey through the Java docs and some research on AWT/Swing polygons. I then found out that

       there was a similar snippet and that my time went to waste. When I ran the code in there snippet it filled the object and I wanted more of a highlight effect

       so I changed the method from fill to draw and released it as a snippet just in case someone had similar inquires.


Tutorials: [N/A]


Randoms/Updates: [N/A]




    AIOMIner: [https://tribot.org/forums/topic/37969-aiominer-abcl-10-custom-abcl-any-ores-any-place/]

           I originally made this script for my own personal use and had no intentions of posting it on the repository. When I changed my mind and posted it to the

​           repository it was a decision that believe it or not was quite difficult because I knew I wasn't the kind of person to release a script that didn't satisfy

           my standards and the standards of the community. In hindsight the posting of this script got me involved in the community and allowed me to be a

           part of a great collection of persons that all share similar interests as me.


    EssenceMiner: [https://tribot.org/forums/topic/38060-essenceminer-abcl10-custom-abc-door-opening-object-highlighting/]

       This script is one of my favourites mainly because I have a bet with a friend of mine that I can beat him to 99 mining only mining Rune Essence.

            I created this script in hope that I could achieve the goal and not get banned. So far I am close to completing the challenge but still have a lot to go.

           I have a thread that a update with the current status of the somewhat impossible goal, i have had some good feedback and am happy with this script.


    AIOChopper: [https://tribot.org/forums/topic/38159-aiochopper-every-tree-in-every-place-custom-abcl-model-highlighting/]

       I found this method of highlight models through a long journey through the Java docs and some research on AWT/Swing polygons. I then found out that

            there was a similar snippet and that my time went to waste. When I ran the code in there snippet it filled the object and I wanted more of a highlight effect



Short biography:

    I've been developing with Java for 3 years off and on and have loved every minute of it from Android Apps to Minecraft server APIs. I've been

   interested in Runescape since I was a kid but never really got into the development of the game and other more technical aspects until about 

   a year ago. I started scripting on Powerbot but the owners recently ruined the community and became extremely greedy for money so I        

   moved over to Tribot and haven't regretted the decision.


   I touched on it above but I am a contributor on the Bukkit project (a Minecraft server API). Whoever is reading this may or may not know  

  what that is. Instead of me telling you about it if your interested and want to know what I am a part of in the Minecraft community  

  this http://bukkit.org/ will tell you more.


Why you should choose me:

   Although, I am quite new to this Tribot community I believe I can contribute immensely to this community and the scripter rank would just

   increase my contribution capabilities. I think I have proved my self to the community and in my mind I do deserve scripter but the decision is yours.


Next steps:

   I plan to provide the community with more free high quality open source scripts that hopefully improve the tribot experience and maybe

   encourage some more members to take up scripting as a hobby.


Do I agree to continually contribute to Tribot?:

  As stated above, yes.

Edited by peticca10

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I believe you have the skills required for this rank, I am accepting your application based on the anticipation that you will continue to improve your skills/organization and continue to release free scripts to the public.


Welcome aboard.

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