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JoeDezzys Scripter Application

JoeDezzy Scripter Application   2 members have voted

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Updated all of the scripts 8/1/14


1) Snipplets: [sOURCE] (Link to thread)

    House navigator: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/38496-house-navigator/

2) Tutorials: [sOURCE] (Link to thread)


3) Randoms/updates submitted: [sOURCE] (Link to thread)


4) Scripts available to the public: [sOURCE] (Link to thread)













        Main: http://pastebin.com/SKDNTV5G

        Trader: http://pastebin.com/E2Bs6jcX

        Typer: http://pastebin.com/uqBvX5UX

        Clicker: http://pastebin.com/2sQ3UWy8

        Check: http://pastebin.com/spG9Cf9s










     GUI : http://pastebin.com/bghuaEJm

     AutoAlcher: http://pastebin.com/WsEBLvNF

     AntiBan: http://pastebin.com/y7r6iJk5




    Abyss Runecrafter: 





    Main: http://pastebin.com/Ua7p6RK6

    DezUtils : http://pastebin.com/BS0UY3nq

    CharacterPreparation: http://pastebin.com/HdcUEJBJ

    GloryRecharging: http://pastebin.com/WcbHuw81

    HouseNavigator: http://pastebin.com/gdNS5ngu




    Air Runecrafter: 





   main: http://pastebin.com/aAYjRzLu

   DezUtils : http://pastebin.com/BS0UY3nq



5) Short biography / Coding Experience: [1-2 short paragraphs]
     As you may tell, my name is joe. I have been programming for pretty much around a year now. 

My experience as a java scripter is pretty much all from tribot/self-taught, by using the worlds

library at my finger tips. From back in september when I just started learning java, I was being taught the basics,  and my skills were of course sub par. I applied for this rank a while back, thinking I was ready to become a premium scripter, but was oblivious how much

my skills needed to be touched up.


    However, through my dedication to this forum and my strive to learn, I have expanded my knowledge of java greatly. Learning a vast array of new scripting techniques, while also making code look more presentable. I believe anyone can do and learn anything that you set your mind to.  

6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: [1-3 short paragraphs]

    I feel  I deserve the Scripter rank for a few reasons. First off,  I really try to keep my scripts well maintained. For the people who have reported bugs/seeked me out for help, I have done my best to comply and keep my user base satisfied with my products. I believe there is no point in doing any of this if 

your user base is not happy. Without them, this is nothing. 

    Through exploring new ideas, keeping motivated, and staying dedicated, I believe I can contribute to generating more revenue to the site. Also, through building connections, and helping to keep an overall positive image of tribot. I believe I can help in keeping this community a place to come back to.

  Also, to anyone with the thought that I would undercut, please refrain as there are too many new ideas to explore with this game. 

7) What you plan to provide the community with: [1-3 short Paragraphs]

    I plan on providing the community with many things, such as help, for people seeking out solutions to problems. Outputting free and usable (low-ban rate) bots to keep users coming back to tribot.  Maintaining the overall strength of my scripts. I also plan on providing more heavily documented open-sourced scripts, to help others who are into learning things about programming.

8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? [YES/NO]

    Yes. I believe that releasing open source programming really build the power of technology, making 

programs stronger, and easier to create due to the fact that that code already exists.

Also yes to releasing more free scripts, generating more overall revenue to tribot for VIP purchases.

Edited by JoeDezzy1

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Just browsing through your code there appears to be a lack of consistency.

I am not focusing in on conventions, because let's face it... You are probably going to be the only developer,

and once it hits the compiler nearly all of the conventions remarks become negligible.  

Although from a code maintenance standpoint your lack of consistency is a huge issue.


This lack of consistency is seen throughout your code.


Two blatant and annoying violations of consistency is the use (or reckless/careless use) of:

- Global variables vs Local

- API calls vs custom methods

Within the same script you utilize API methods, and custom methods to achieve the same exact result.

If your willing to use a built in method, then commit fully! 


Back to the Global and Local concerns, lets examine a random exert from your walking alcher:

    private boolean clickPlayer(int index) {			RSInterface person = Interfaces.get(FRIENDS_INDEX, index);			if (person != null) {	    if (Clicking.click(person)) {	    	 walkingalcher.aaSleep();		return true;					    }	}			return false;		    }

You made FRIENDS_INDEX a global variable, which I personally wouldn't do, but could see potential benefits of doing so.

However you assign the variable to 0 , and update it with a convoluted method that I rather not trace. Essentially losing any 

benefits of mentioned previously. In any case, I doubt the method even functions properly from reading so far.



My issue is that 15 or so lines above you do the following within another method.

RSInterface chat = Interfaces.get(137);	 

What warranted the FRIENDS_INDEX master to have it's own global variable but the chat interface not have it's own.

Personally, I think their is no valid reason, and it is as I mentioned just a prime example of your lack of consistency. 

In addition a lot of the interface checking occurring can just be solved in one line with:


On another Note:

On the method above clickPlayer() (provided in your source code) you are utilizing the Timing.waitCondition Boolean, why not use it here?

Instead you are referencing walkalcher.aaSleep() which is a static sleep method abstracted to another class

for no seemingly good reason. Utilize the waitCondition return to return the Boolean for the clickPlayer method, instead

of a return true in all cases of a click (that could potentially be unsuccessful) . 


Once again this is just one issue I have seen in your code, that I thought I would focus in on.


Edited by warfront1
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I remember around 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to play the piano. Out of preference I chose to try and learn by myself without a teacher. At a certain point, I could not progress any further because I simply lacked the knowledge. I could somewhat play the piece, but essential parts of music were left out. It was only until I decided to learn from a teacher, that I was able to complete my piece and continue to advance in music. I feel my story is quite relatable to how you have started to program in Java. You have done a good amount, but there are things that need to be sorted out.


One thing that I very much appreciate when looking through any sort of code is documentation; your code seems to lack that.



I also plan on providing more heavily documented open-sourced scripts, to help others who are into learning things about programming.

I'm curious as to what you deem as heavily documented. It makes the reader question what every function does and why it is being used, making it a bit of a pain to read through.



Usually when I see a function with the name of getX, I am assuming that function is going to return some sort of value. I would be naming my functions giving more information to its purpose (withdrawEssence).



I'm not much of a Grammar Nazi but spelling words right helps with your communication.



Once again, you have failed to communicate what you are trying to do. I have no idea what energy means and can only assume it is an energy potion because I've played Runescape before. You need to expect the reader knows nothing of what you're talking about. In this snippet of code you have failed to ensure the object is not null. A null check and length check should be used to make sure the item is valid.



Why did you choose to call the item 'e'?



You can't just expect people to know what SMALL_FILLED_ID is, once again I have to assume that it's the value of the game setting when the pouch is full / not full.


I will leave it at that and also suggest you look into some sort of conditional sleeping.

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I see much improvement from you and contributions throughout your time you've spent here and I know your skills will only improve from this point as you have shown.


Welcome aboard!

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