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How to use TRiBot Client Starter [Make botting easier & a MUST for goldfarmers]

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I would really like to start using this feature, however there seems to be a problem. When I enter all data and press run, in the bot debug window it shows "starting client", yet nothing happens. Could something be blocking the newclients form popping up?

This is done on windows 7.  Tried it on yohoho vps and still nothing. Is this still working in newest version of tribot?

And yes I am vip extended.

Even without filling in any information nothing is opening up when i click run.

Edid: can someone recommend something that would load up all of the clients with proxies and accounts information already in them? A script or smth.

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2 hours ago, atrain0009 said:

So just found this, has it been updated? :)

While this guide was written years ago, I believe it's still mostly accurate, and the TRiBot Client Starter should still work just fine with applicable scripts. 

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Everything works fine with booting the client and selecting the world, but it will not start my script automatically. In the script name input box, I place my scripts name and when the client has booted there's no knowledge of me ever entering one. I put the name in word for word. Any reason why?

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2 minutes ago, Assets said:

hi, I'm back to tribot testing to see how the Client Starter compares to OSbot/Dreambot CMD lines, so far its not showing any success. I purchased VIP-E to test the feature and it is not starting script or login in to the account. any advice?

Not enough information to help assist.
Post screenshots of your client starter setup/settings.
Read this guide, make sure you are typing things in exactly as they should be:

Check the client/bog debug tabs under TRiBot for any useful info, and copy/paste it in here.
What script are you trying to use with it?

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