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How to use TRiBot Client Starter [Make botting easier & a MUST for goldfarmers]

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How do I use the scripter command ?

Curious about the same.

And I cannot save/load profiles on Client starter?


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I would really like to start using this feature, however there seems to be a problem. When I enter all data and press run, in the bot debug window it shows "starting client", yet nothing happens. Could something be blocking the newclients form popping up?

This is done on windows 7.  Tried it on yohoho vps and still nothing. Is this still working in newest version of tribot?

And yes I am vip extended.

Even without filling in any information nothing is opening up when i click run.

Edid: can someone recommend something that would load up all of the clients with proxies and accounts information already in them? A script or smth.

Edited by Igors123

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Is there a way to implant lg into this? maybe manually start up rs clients by hand and then start the client starter?

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