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[FREE] AlphaDog's ShaftMaker - Cut & Shaft - Banking - Avoid combat

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AlphaDog's ShaftMaker V1.0


Why should i use this?

  • It is a great way to get those early fletching and woodcutting levels
  • Makes you a decent profit (around 7k/h shafts, so around 70k profit/h)
  • Easy setup, can start it right up after the tutorial (the area between lumbridge and draynor village is pretty good)


  • Chop trees
  • Option to set the radius
  • Cut logs into shafts when inventory is full
  • Runs away from combat (it can missclick on a goblin for example)
  • Option to let it bank all shafts each X minutes
  • Goes to bank to get a new axe if the current one is broken
    • It will withdraw the best axe matching your woodcut lvl
    • Logs out when there are no axes left


You should stock a couple of axes in your bank, in case an axe breaks

I will implement ent detection later on, but you shouldn't get many ents on normal trees.


Note: It will show up under 'Fletching' catagory, not 'Woodcutting'

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