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[FREE] AlphaDog's ShaftMaker - Cut & Shaft - Banking - Avoid combat

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AlphaDog's ShaftMaker V1.0


Why should i use this?

  • It is a great way to get those early fletching and woodcutting levels
  • Makes you a decent profit (around 7k/h shafts, so around 70k profit/h)
  • Easy setup, can start it right up after the tutorial (the area between lumbridge and draynor village is pretty good)


  • Chop trees
  • Option to set the radius
  • Cut logs into shafts when inventory is full
  • Runs away from combat (it can missclick on a goblin for example)
  • Option to let it bank all shafts each X minutes
  • Goes to bank to get a new axe if the current one is broken
    • It will withdraw the best axe matching your woodcut lvl
    • Logs out when there are no axes left


You should stock a couple of axes in your bank, in case an axe breaks

I will implement ent detection later on, but you shouldn't get many ents on normal trees.


Note: It will show up under 'Fletching' catagory, not 'Woodcutting'

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  • Our picks

    • This release will:

      Fix key event handling issue

      Fix other event handling issue

      Fix RSServer hook

      Update world hopper to have it use OCR, thanks to Todd

      Use proper disposal of old Graphics objects

      Reformat code

      Rearrange code

      Organize code imports

      Apply around 8000 automated code refactorings

      Make preparations for Java 9

      Fix 11 various bugs

      Add more reliable debugging support

      Fix mouseEntered/Exited event dispatching bug

      Fix minimap walking bug where it opens the map

      Fix broken hooks for today's game update
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    • This update will:

      Fix GE inventory item positioning bug

      Fix broken object hooks
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    • This release will:

      Fix some ClosedChannelException bug

      Fix bug in RSObject#getAllTiles

      Add game tab support for "Kourend Favour"
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    • This release will:

      Fix Settings UI placement bug

      Fix game object location bug

      Fix small layout bug making the client shift up and down

      Fix client crashing bug where loading the client with a small display area will cause the client to crash

      Fix annoying Linux bug relating to painting events and peers

      Fix settings saving bug where settings are saved to disk more often than they should

      Fix RSInterface#isBeingDrawn bug affecting a limited amount of people

      Drop Java 1.7 bytecode version for 1.8

      Important: Since the downloadable RS client uses Java 7, it will no longer be compatible with Looking Glass. To make up for this, we will add support for using other clients such as RuneLite (at a later date).

      This change was necessary to allow us to use Java 8 syntax. It also paves the way for Java 9/10/11 support.
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    • This update will:

      Fix the RSMenuNode bug which also fixes the bug with bank opening

      Fix the incorrect object positions bug

      Fix and re-enable the LG Objects API Accelerator

      Fix the RSObject#getAllTiles bug
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