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New Premium Script Standards - Working to Reduce Bans

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As many of you are aware, Jagex has taken a more aggressive stance on bots. In response, I have been improving TRiBot in many areas to prevent bans, mostly with Anti-Ban Compliance (ABC) for scripts, and character randomization. In case you don't know what ABC or character randomization is, here is a quick explanation.


Character randomization means that every different RuneScape player using TRiBot will be given a different "botting profile." This botting profile will hold tons of characteristics about how the bot will play the game, and react to different circumstances, including, but not limited to: mouse movement styles, move movement speeds, mouse clicking speeds, typing speeds, delay time before clicking objects, npcs, items, etc, when the bot should activate run, when the bot should eat, when the bot should hover over the next object, when and where the bot should move to when waiting for an object to spawn, how often to check xp (and if it should), and tons more. We have over 300 variables used to randomize botting profiles. By using these botting profiles, TRiBot is able to effectively make each bot more human-like by seperating it from all of the other bots, making its style unique, and by giving it a consistent playing style across multiple scripts.


ABC is character randomization, which is to be used by scripts. It will give each unique bot different logic in how items, objects, npcs, interfaces, etc are interacted with. ABCL is the ABC score for the script, ie. how much of TRiBot's character randomized antiban methods the script uses. ABCL 0 means ABC actions are not performed at all. ABCL 10 means the script applies ABC actions to the max, giving it the most human-like botting style possible. Personally, I think that if you don't want your account banned, you should never use a script which isn't ABCL 10. Traditional antiban methods (which are not ABC) are ineffective against fighting bans, and may even make your bot more bot-like, thus increasing your account's chance of ban.


Over a month ago, I stated my plan to the premium scripters to incorporate ABC in all of their premium scripts, and to make them all ABCL 10 (except for traders, questers, and mules). July 01, 2014, was the date at which all premium scripts were required to have made their script ABCL 10. Scripts which do not meet the requirement of having ABCL 10 will have their sales disabled until they meet the requirements. If those scripts do not meet the requirements for the second defined deadline, they will be released for free.


Just recently, I disabled the sale of 34 premium scripts which had ABCL 0, meaning no attempt was made to implement any of TRiBot's Anti-Ban Compliance standards to those scripts. When those scripts implement ABC, their sales will be re-activated again.


We have another date later in the week to disable the sale of all scripts which don't have ABCL 10, not just the ABCL 0 scripts. At the moment, only a few scripts have a perfect implementation of ABC. We plan to make all scripts have ABCL 10 within the next week or two.


Here at TRiBot, we are committed to reducing the ban rate, and making bots seem as human-like as possible.




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Thank you TrileZ, an absolutely fantastic decision.

I was very disappointed to see many premium scripters not using abcl in their scripts, hopefully now we can see the change.


Seeing as you have the balls to actually disable premium script sales for the people that did not even bother to implement ABCL in their scripts is a very nice and rare sight to see, thank you.

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If the script is released for free, then what happens to those who just bought it? Bit unfair to them isn't it?

I think that is unfair but you are also supporting the people who make it. What I dont understand is why they would do that then the bot will be eventually worthless because of so many people using it.

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