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TRiBot AI Antiban Testing

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For nearly the past two weeks, I have been working on creating an artificially intelligent antiban system, which is currently ready to be tested. The system works by analyzing how the script performs, the patterns that form, when the player is idling (and the length time), and the triggers which make the script perform certain actions. After doing the analyzing, the system will make decisions on when to perform antiban actions, when and where it should hover the mouse, and when to rotate the camera to face a certain object.


This system works in conjunction with ABC (Anti-Ban Compliance), and character randomization (creating unique profiles for every different bot). In doing so, the antiban system is able to make the bot seem more human-like.


Currently the antiban system is automatically able to apply the following ABC elements:

  • Checking XP
  • Examining Random Objects
  • Randomly Rotating the Camera
  • Mouse Leaving the Game
  • Picking Up the Mouse
  • Random Mouse Movement
  • Random Right Clicking
  • Response Time to New Object
  • Response Time to Switching Objects
  • Hovering Objects
  • Using Closest Objects vs Using Objects Which Aren't the Closest
  • Moving to the Anticipated Next Object Location
  • Delay Between Item Interaction

Through my testing, the system works well. Now I'm asking the public to test the system, and tell me if it screws up the script. More thorough testing will be commenced when it's confirmed that the system does not break any scripts.


To test the antiban system: At the "TRiBot Login" interface, select "Development Release." Doing so should make TRiBot Dev 9.200_0R1 boot up. When you run a script, the antiban system will automatically run in the background.


Other things to note with the dev release:

  • If the bot house control over the mouse, human mouse input will be blocked unless the user moves the real mouse over the bot mouse.
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So if I have made a script without any form of antiban or ABCL implementation this would be sufficient?


Just wondering.


For the most part, yes. I'd say it's best to have the script also implement ABC since the antiban system could take a few minutes to kick in as it's learning how the script performs, or in case the system has problems identifying things.




Im using erickhos autobuyer, im not logged in for more than 15 seconds at a time. Would it be worth testing this or should i just ignore?


Testing it would help.

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THIS IS AMAZING! So glad to see this. There are only 3 things missing. You need to add a system that takes the current level of fatigue and slightly decreases mouse accuracy, or clicks similar looking items(Attentional awareness), and the microbreak system I was talking about. This system will help loads, but it wont help at all with bans if people are still running scrips 24/7, or use the crappy break handler(its okay but, not dynamic enough) So the last thing it needs is a microbreak system as i've explained in my suggestions, which has different systemic levels which go up randomly but realisticly for hunger, thirst, tiredness, and then takes a break for an appropriate amount of time for that activity, and if its a nap it will decrease the delays and accuracys and make them fast and good again. You could make it so the levels increase randomly for each runescape character or tribot account(account profiling) and with this I think bans will basically be non-existant.


Examples on break times, for thirst, 2 - 8 minutes, for hunger 10 - 45 minutes, and for naps 30 minutes to 6 hours possibly, all up to you. If these systems are implemented you will have done every idea I have came up with, and I think bans will be non existant. Thanks, please let me know of your input on if you will do anything with these ideas TRiLeZ I think these systems will help dramatically on top of this ai system.

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How would this affect scripts with ABC already implemented and in the future once finished, should we remove the code for it?

This is best added on top of ABCL 10 methods.


This should'nt be seen as a replacement, but another brick.


@TRiLeZ I am noticing some difference, as I have been botting for almost an hour with ZERO randoms so far.

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The antiban overrides the mouse cursor even when a script isnt loaded, which is getting annoying when u trying to trade people but disables mouse very quickly.


Anyway to make it only activate when a script is loaded or will that undermine it?

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