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Does this script support like for example withdrawing 14 of x item & using it on 14 of x item besides wine? like bowl of water + potatoes for stews or pineapples/anchovies on pizzas, tomatoes/cheese on pizza base & other stuff like that?


No it doesn't.

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Bought this script yesterday, so far so good. Not the greatest script. Yes it does have bugs such as standing there doing nothing and clicking on things or missclicking on people etc, seems to have trouble with karambwan. Trout is seeming fine though, had to babysit the bot through karambwan last night but the trout is going well after a restart.


As I said, not the best script, could possibly do with an update regarding some bug fixes, but at this stage im not sure what can actually be done for these bugs.


Good script for the price, but can see more potential in it eg, stews, range needs to be fixed at catherby and rogues den looping needs to be fixed.


Thanks Trilez


EDIT: Also has trouble with banker at rogues den, sometimes mass clicks him so a bank window doesn't pop up til it chills out again.

Edited by JordanHenry

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Didn't see any abcl features and the owner doesn't respond to these messages.

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Can I get my question answered? Jeez...

I haven't tested it since I created the script, but there's no reason why it shouldn't work.


Didn't see any abcl features and the owner doesn't respond to these messages.

It has all of the ABC features.

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My apologies, I just watched it botting in catherby and I'm pretty impressed. I saw the bot making some human mistakes, examing items. Tho I think it can watch the xp more often. I am still worried about it in rogue's den. I haven't used any other bot on my account in the past , so lets see how good jagex's detection is.

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Why is that?

He is probably referring to the bugs within the script. There are a few things this script does that screams bot. 


1. Takes out fish and rebanks them, sometimes multiple times. 

2. Sometimes restarts cooking while already cooking

3. Clicks the music tab a lot more than necessary


Still a great script besides these, I got to 96 cooking within 4 days.

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Hey, wondering if you could implement pizza making, seeing as though F2P is out now if could be a worthy investment ?

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