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TRiBot Release 9.132_0

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This release features:

  • Web walking support for the fishing guild.
  • The web walker will now take the safe route around White Wolf Mountain if the player is low-leveled.
  • Fixed a mouse freezing bug.
  • Updated RSObjectDefinition and RSNPCDefinition.
  • Added Banking.isInBank().
  • Updated the Banking API to be able to use the bank guy in the Rogue's Den.
  • Removed the system time change notification message.
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Guys can someone look into my issue?

What is the purpose of the login bot and why is it "activate" in my client for any script I start? I cannot use this client and this update did not fix it.


I thought it was a firewall thing, completely disabled everything and I'm still getting nothing.


This is frustrating because I know I'm the only one that has the issue. I don't think I'm doing something wrong because I've used the client and scripts ran fine until an update and I did not change anything from my end.

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