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Looking for a good daily Exercise

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wastedbro    492

Losing weight is more in your diet than in your exercise. Find the amount of calories you can eat to lose weight. For me, I can live off of 1400 calories per day and still be very healthy. I'm 165 pound and 5"6.


For exercise, running will be one of the best options. The best thing for weight loss is cardio. However, if you are able to eat a lot of protein, then building muscle will really help you lose weight. 


Look up different kinds of pushups you can do. Same with ab exercises. A good cardio workout other than running is jumping rope. Try that. 


To get in the routine, try doing like 10 pushups every time you go to the bathroom. Make goals for yourself.




A lot of it depends on how well you can stick to a diet and exercise. I lost 10 pounds in a month, and I wasn't overweight. That's because I was able to stop drinking soda, and cut my daily calorie intake in half very quickly. 

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xCode    193

Eat healthy is the most important things. Especially if you want to lose weight.

For an exercise: I do 50-100 push ups and 30-40 sit ups in the morning (just before I take a shower). It's refreshing and gives you a fresh start each day. See how many push/sit ups you can do and start doing it. You'll see progress in you weight and muscles pretty soon :)

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Wunderkind    7

One thing you can try is run/jogging for instance in your neighborhood walk from mailbox to the next and then jog from that mailbox to the next to build up and set the goal of trying to do three mailboxes in a row or so. Fitness can be very rewarding but make sure you are eating healthy for instance no sweets, no soda and try to stay away from often fast foods. You can do it! Good luck.

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