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ABC2 Antiban - Tri Ghoul Fighter Pro - 100k+ xp/hour - Potions - Special Attacks - Banking - Worldhopping and much, much more!

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TRiBot's #1 Ghoul Script Available!



I saw the previous Ghoul Fighter has stopped receiving updates, and has become outdated. So I present to you, Tri Ghoul Fighter Pro.


Tri Ghoul Fighter is a flawless script designed to kill Ghouls in Canifis.

The script was designed not just to be fast, but also to be very stable and human like. With a dynamic antiban that changes for every user, worldhopping and multiple fighting spots to avoid over crowding. This script is the ideal tool for any good zerker or main.


I believe Ghouls are the best monster in the game to train on for all account types because:

They have 50 hitpoints - Which means you don't have to attack another one that often.

They have little to no defence - Which means even with low attack levels they die easily.

There are ALOT of them to train on - There is 2 different fighting spots which the bot can train at.

They are close to a bank - They are about a 30 second walk away from the Canafis Bank.





~You Can Start The Script From ANYWHERE!~

That's right! If you're feeling extra lazy today, you can just gear up, and start the script from any major city and it will do all the work for you!



The above feature and deathwalking basically go hand in hand, although you should never die while using this script. In the small chance that you do die, the script will re-equip any items you keep, and walk back and continue fighting!


~Dynamic fighting system~

  • The script trains at Two different unique fighting spots to prevent the spots getting too crowded
  • The bot uses a dynamic targeting system that is constantly updating, this helps the script to run seamlessly in an aggressive environment.

~Full Special Attack Support~~

  • The script is capable of using the special attack of all weapons while your training
  • It can even swap to a different weapon to use the special attack, then swap back for training
  • If you were wearing a shield at the beginning, and your special attack weapon requires two hands, it will re-equip your original weapon AND shield after the special attack.


~Full Potion Support~ 
The script is capable of drinking the following potions:

  • Strength
  • Super Strength
  • Attack
  • Super Attack
  • Defence
  • Super Defence
  • Range
  • Combat

It can even use three different types of potions at once!

If you want any more potions added feel free to ask  :)


~Banking Support~
The bot will leave your training spot and run to Canafis, then return to the spot and continue fighting.

The bot can bank for the following:

  • Food
  • Potions

The script will bank when you are out of food.

The script will logout when you run out of any of your supplys.


:~Customisable World Hop Settings~ 
You can set the script up to change worlds for the following conditions:

  • When there are more then x players in your fighting spot (x being a number you choose in the GUI)

~Unique human-like Antiban & ABC2 Antiban!~

Thats right, just when you thought the script couldn't get any better, it does!

The script has a sophisticated antiban that can be toggled, that will reduce your risk of being banned by making the script look like a human, it will do so by doing the following things:

  • Turning the camera around to look relevant objects
  • Right clicking random objects and people around the place
  • Examining things occasionally
  • Checking loot piles to see if there is anything good
  • Turns on run at a unique value for each user.
  • Dynamic mouse speeds
  • Checking how much xp you have left till you level up in certain skills
  • Checks your friends list to see who's online
  • Moving the mouse around in a human-like fassion
  • Interacting with and inspecting ALL gametabs! 
  • And more that I don't want to say in public (or else people would copy me   :P).


~Anti-Bot World, F2P & PvP world system~

Jagex recently released a new anti-botting system which would teleport you into a secret world that is monitored by Jagex Staff, they would watch you and determine if you were a bot. So basically what I've done is made the bot detect when you are teleported in one of those worlds, and then just world hop back into a safe world.

Also sometimes when the script is swapping worlds and you are on a slow computer, lag can cause the bot to missclick on a PvP or F2P world ( this is a 1 in a million occurance ). So the bot is also constantly checking to see if that happens, and if it does it will immediately log out and world hop back to a safe world.


~Custom Random Event Solving~

Have you ever wondered why some scripts can run for weeks, and some can only run for a few hours before a random event stops the script? Well its because random events can sometimes be difficult for the TRiBot Random Event Solvers to solve (Because there are so many different places in the game, its hard for the Random Event Solver Coders to create a single script which can successfully solve randoms in all conditions). So what I've done is designed my own, or upgraded the current random event solvers, to increase the chance of successfully solving the following random events:

  • Genie
  • Drunken Dwarf
  • Swarm
  • Rick Turpentine
  • Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde
  • Evil Chicken
  • Mysterious Old Man
  • Sandwich Lady
  • Miles
  • Giles
  • and maybe a few more..


This means the script is capable of running... forever pretty much.

That basically covers the features of it.










Contact Info / Support:




If you ever have any problems or need any help, feel free to either:

Post on this thread

Send me a PM

Or add my skype: Tri.Tribot




Purchase Information / Pricing:




The script is available on the repository for the low price of $10, and you can run it on up to any 5 accounts at a time!

To buy it simply go to here: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/purchase/737

Or just search Tri Ghoul Fighter Pro in the Script Repository

Then just click "Add"

thats it  :)




If you ever need any help feel free to ask me

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Can i ask what's the point of this, if you already have AIO fighter/mager/ranger with all the future this could have/will have/ can have?


This is only $5. Some people want to train at ghouls with a trustworthy script, but don't want to fork out $15 for my AIO Melee Ranged & Magic script.

Edited by Tri

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guess he didnt like it, its free :P


Oops, removed. That was a private version I put up for @snozzie.

TRiLeZ still hasn't reviewed it, he says he is very busy with a TRiBot update, hopefully you guys don't have to wait much longer.

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