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TRiBot Middle Man, Re-release!

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The Tribot Middleman Rank





The Updated Rank


Many of you may not know, but we have a middleman rank here at TriBot. It was originally created a while back, but, unfortunately, it was forgotten. We are here to say that the Middle-man rank is back with new and updated requirements. You can view these changes in the Middle-Man subsection found in the Black Market



The Benefits

Tribot Middle-Man (MMis a user with experience looking over trades who has passed all of the requirements. This is equivalent to being called a "VMM". They will receive these perks:

  • The Blue Middleman Rank (MM)
  • Blue Forums Name
  • Access to the Middleman Only Forums
  • Ability to charge users for Middleman services


Basic MM Requirements


All MM's must complete the list below before being considered for the rank. You can find more information about this rank in the subsection found in the Black Market.


  • VIP status at the time your application is reviewed.
  • Have been a member for at least one month.
  • Have ZERO trades where a user then posts a dispute and loses in some way because of your negligence as a Middleman. This will be determined by moderators on the dispute itself.
  • Complete a middleman application.  If accepted and you meet all requirements, you will join the team!


Changes to the Application


In order to make the rank more accessible to the users of TriBot, we have decided to change the number of trades required for each catagory. You will now need the following:

  • 5 Trades with a valu e of $20 or less
  • 5 Trades with a value of $20-50
  • 3 Trades with a value of $50 or more



*Special thanks to Dreaming for his help in re-vamping the section.



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@Usa could you re-think about some requirements ?

Some people have traded multiple thausands of dollars and just cannot get the rank because it is almost impossible to find people who want to use middleman on TRiBot.

Best regards,

Butta :heart:

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