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TRiBot Release 9.117_0

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This release features:

  • A fatigue system (see below).
  • New listener API.
    • With this API, scripts are able to add many listeners to the client. The listeners will be able to receive notifications when key are pressed, the script is paused, when random events occur, etc. These listeners can even be protected from being removed when the script stops.
    • Full list of compatible listeners: Breaking, Ending, KeyActions, MouseActions, Pausing, RandomEvents, and Starting (from the org.tribot.script.interfaces package).

Fatigue System

  • TRiBot's fatigue system has been built to mimic human fatigue. As the bot continues to play, it's mouse movement speed will decrease, and the waiting time between actions will increase.
  • The rate at which mouse speed decreases and waiting time increases will be unique for every different botter - some bots will gain fatigue slowly, and other will gain fatigue more quickly.
  • Fatigue is reduced when the bot takes a break (using the break handler). The longer the bot takes a break for, the more fatigue will be reduced. The rate at which fatigue is reduced by breaking is unique for every different botter.
  • Fatigue has a set limit for both mouse speed and waiting times. You don't have to worry about your bot becoming so slow that it becomes inefficient. Once again, this limit is unique for every different botter.
  • Users shouldn't worry about the fatigue system slowing down their script, or reducing XP rate. The limit prevents fatigue from becoming so high that there is a significant difference in XP rate when compared to starting the script.
  • The reason for incorporating this fatigue system is to reduce bans. When humans play a game for an extended period of time, their actions gradually become slower because of fatigue. This slowness/fatigue may not be noticeable to the human as it has gradually come about, but it is there. So by mimicking this behaviour, TRiBot will be more human-like, this reducing bans.
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Would this update still be good combined with Sigma's ban preventer?

I can disable it, so it won't make a difference if you are using Sigma Ban Preventer or not. SBP uses a significantly more powerful system (hence it being a premium script that doesn't come default with the client).

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