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Yeti's Questing



Hello & welcome to my questing thread. I pride myself on offering not only a trusted, speedy service - but a cheap one, too! I match all other competitor's prices - I'm your one stop shop for questing.


In order to ensure the safety of my customers, all orders are completed by hand (no botting!) and by me personally (no random workers you don't know).


If necessary, I will collect all of the required items for an extra fee. This depends on the number of items & the difficulty of gathering them. Any fees for gathering items are based solely on my discretion. You're more than welcome to purchase them yourself to waive this fee!




Novice    Short $1


Novice    Medium $2


Novice    Long $2


Intermediate    Short $3


Intermediate    Medium $3


Intermediate    Long $3


Experienced     Short $5


Experienced     Medium $5


Experienced     Long $5


Master $7


Grand Master $14



Bundle & Save



Recipe for Disaster 

(120m for RFD + subs, including all 175QP)

(Mith Gloves with req/subs $15)


Desert Treasure (package) $15-20


Monkey Madness (package) $7


NMZ (package) $7


Ava's Accumulator (package) $6


Nezzy Helm (package) $9


Piety (package) $24


F2P (package; all F2P quests completed) $12




Again, all prices are negotiable!

I will match any competitor's prices!

(Just link me to their thread)





As of right now, I am only accepting 07 or EoC gold.

If you are untrusted, you must go first. I am more than willing to use an MM for this process, however you must pay all fees. I will go first to trusted members (at my discretion).





My one and only Skype is: laughnow. (with the period)

My Discord is: Yeti #1781

Always request a PM if you're unsure of whom you're speaking with! I will never refuse a PM.


You're also more than welcome to PM me on here. I will try to respond to all messages ASAP.



Terms of Service

You must not log into the account throughout the service.

If you need to log in for whatever reason, please ask me first.

I will usually complete all orders one after another, but I may occasionally take a short break between quests.


You must post on my thread confirming that I am working on an order for you.

This is for your safety & to discourage any impostors.


I will match any competitor's price as long as you can provide proof.

You can't just say "my buddy will get 200 QP for 5k gp" - you must link me to their thread or website.


No Responsibility

I am not responsible for bans on the accounts.


Edited by Yeti
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I haven't posted in a while, but I've used Yeti multiple times and have been satisfied each time.


He has done 3 or 4 MM chains for me including quite a few other quests for my many accounts. He's always quick, friendly, and best of all - cheap.


Not only does he have cheap prices, he will price match any other service!


Use him. 

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