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Tri AIO Tzhaar Fighter V2 - 750k+ Profit/Hour Proggy - Pure Friendly - Safe Spotting - Money Making - All Fighting Styles - Banking and More!

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On 07/11/2016 at 2:47 PM, marcyp said:

yes, I have had all moved into to loot option from the start

Try removing all the loot from the loot list and re-adding it, the list has changed since the script was initially released ^_^ 

On 10/11/2016 at 9:30 AM, marcyp said:


When my account disconnects from my internet and reconnects it just spam right clicks a safe spot tile until manually you attack another monster it does this.

Add me on skype please: tri.tribot

On 10/11/2016 at 10:00 AM, brycerb55 said:


Bot keep walking back and forth from the bank without doing anything...

May I see your settings please, I'll help you get it going :)


The script is working Perfectly! If you need any help feel free to add me skype: tri.tribot

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12 hours ago, Tri said:

Try removing all the loot from the loot list and re-adding it, the list has changed since the script was initially released ^_^ 

Add me on skype please: tri.tribot

May I see your settings please, I'll help you get it going :)


The script is working Perfectly! If you need any help feel free to add me skype: tri.tribot

Hi mate, i don't have skype. The issue is when my internet disconnects, it logs me out (after the 60 sec timer) and then when it logs back in it just right clicks the safe spot over and over. If I then manually attack a tzhaar it will continue like normal.

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@Tri Hey man! Script is running real well, haven't checked in for a while.


I would say what 3x said would be awesome, adding the ensouled heads, and just checking on why the bot has that issue with clicking occasionally. Other than that, spot on per usual :)

Edited by pjd410
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Hi tri I really like your scripts but this one hasn't worked so well for me. It's quite inefficient in getting to safe spots and keeps right clicking random places repeatedly until I manually attack a monster (like in the screenshot).


Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 8.05.32 pm.png

Edited by 8by8

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[18:55:39] Starting client.
[18:55:56] Downloading script 'Tri AIO Tzhaar Fighter'.
[18:57:36] Script Started: Tri AIO Tzhaar Fighter.
[18:57:36] opening gui
[18:57:36] Settings Loaded
[18:57:40] Login bot started.
[18:57:40] Login Bot: Login...
[18:57:51] Login bot succeeded.
[18:57:53] Login bot started.
[18:57:53] Login Bot: Login...
[18:57:54] Login bot succeeded.
[18:58:57] 2451
[18:58:57] 5172
[18:58:57] Fighting with ranged
[18:58:57] Primary weapon: Magic shortbow
[18:58:57] Secondary weapon: Not Set
[18:58:57] Using special attack at 100%
[18:58:57] food: Lobster
[18:58:57] food: Peach
[18:58:57] food: Lobster
[18:58:57] food: Peach
[18:58:57] Started calculating item prices!
[18:58:57] Settings Successfully Saved
[18:58:58] Next eating food at: 0.0


and then just standing there, i am very sure i set it correct

Edited by rskiller2010

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Trying out the 1 hour free trial right now, very nice! 


My only two concerns/questions are


1) I got a prompt to allow photobucket or something like that, I hit always allow, but I don't have a GUI? Is this related or something I did wrong in the settings?


2) It takes FOREVER to download. A solid 3-5 minutes every time I hit start script. Is this typical? It only happens with this script and I've restarted my client several times.

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  • Added Ensouled tzhaars head's to the loot table! Enjoy even better profit/hour
  • Fixed startup bug

@Snowbear this could be an issue with your tribot firewall. Up the top of your tribot window; click view>firewall. And make sure you've allowed photobucket. If you need help doing so add my skype: tri.tribot


The script is running Perfectly!

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bot is great but sadly it just clicks on the ground for like 1-2min without moving to safespot. my pure has died 3 times there so far.


well.. the issue is the bot priotizes eating over moving to safespot. so as a pure you are pretty much fucked and waste a whole inventory of food because the bot will try to heal on the set health but thats not going to happen when you are a pure.

Edited by Imma Present

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Hey tri. Been using a lot of your scripts latelty, from fire giants to tzhaar to al-kharid warriors. Want to say I love your work!

thah being said, with your combat scripts there seems to be a proggy problem. Sometimes, randomly, and on all of your various combat scripts, when I bank the progress report will start back over again at 0. For instance, I had like 60k loot and was making like 85k an hour at al-Khalid warriors. I banked (not manually) that 60k loot and the proggy reset both the GP/HR and Total categories to 0 gp.

Not that big of a deal but I figured I'd Let you know. Also, as another QOL fix, could you take away the arrow looting from the go/hour calc? I know that's probably a lot of work for such a small payoff but one thing I really enjoy from scripts are progress reports.

this one in particular Is one of the better scripts I've ever seen. Kudos!1


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Just purchased this script. It started up and seems to be running fine but i have no overlay telling me Xp per our, gp per hour, etc... I have made sure i "Always Allow" all prompts including photobucket. I have also restarted tri-bot, with no success. What should i do?

Edited by domsciorilli

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3 hours ago, Laupisdead said:

Seems like this script started bugging out yesterday. @TriI have probably over 60+ hours on this script since buying it and it's been fine until yesterday. Yesterday it both stopped showing the GUI overlay (as domsciorilli said) and it stopped working all together later on in the day. 


The issue with the Overlay seems to have fixed itself but as of this morning it will withdraw my food when i start it, but then it will say no ammo left and log out. I have ammo equipped, ammo in my bank, and i don't even have the script configured to withdraw any ammo anyways. Very strange.

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On 2/16/2017 at 4:39 AM, Tri said:

Is the script running well for everyone?

Running well so far! I was wondering if you could add logout when no ammo or zulrah scales left in toxic blowpipe. Bot was trying to fight for like 30 min after scales ran out in blowpipe :(

Edited by atrain0009

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      (Formerly known as Tri AIO Combat & Magic)
      This script is an all in one combat script that can fight every monster in Runescape safely with extensive features
      Combined with a premium all in one magic trainer that can train your magic up using nearly every magic training method available! 
      Features Overview:
      AIO Combat Features:
       VIP is not required!
        10 Hour free trial on the repository 
      Complete all in one combat system that can fight every single monster in Runescape including but not limited too:
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      Full prayer support
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        Safe spotting optional
      Full worldhopping system that can worldhop when many different conditions are met
      Bones to peaches support
      Herb cleaning and dropping
        ABC2 antiban with a 10/10 rating
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      Progressive training (Upgrade gear, switch training spots & more)
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        Load & save GUI settings
        Profit calculations and xp tracking 
        Start the script from anywhere
      AND MORE!
      AIO Magic Features:
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        Every single curse spell available
        Stun/combo alching!
      This is the best magic xp in the game, you cast a regular combat spell or curse, quickly followed by a high level alchemy spell.
      This can earn you up to 180k magic xp/hour!
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       ~2 week Package~ 
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       Complete customer support via discord and the TRiBot forums

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      Repository link

      JJ's Fighter Pro is an AIO Fighter script: it can kill any monster that you want. You can also make a list of items to loot and select the food you want to eat. You can drink potions if needed, pick up and alch certain items, use special attacks, prioritize looting, etc. This is all configurable through the GUI. You can save your settings for future usage.
      Anti Ban Compliance implementation
      ABCL 10 has been implemented.

      JJ's Fighter needs an internet connection to send script statistics to my server. The data is anonymous and you can check what it sends in bot debug.

      Example chart from 15/10/2013

      Melee, range, mage support Eating Looting Banking Bones to peaches XP checking Fast monster switching Dynamic mainloop Setting loading/saving  

    • By Optimus
      Hey TRiBot community!
      The script has been in development for the past ~4 Years, but I've recently just rewrote the entire script, and it now performs better than any other. It's been engineered in a way that mimics a human player down to the littlest detail. It uses human like behavior, playing strategies and teamwork, while also simulating human reaction times and mouse movements, making the script extremely powerful and safe to use.
      To purchase the script or activate your free 1 hour trial, visit the repository:
      The current features of the script are:
      VIP is not required Free 1 Hour Trial Advanced ABC2 Antiban Three different playing styles:

      -Defend the knight : The script will defend the void knight, and also kill monsters around the portals to keep your activity bar high.

      Attack the portals: The script will kill the portals as they open up, while also attacking spinners and surrounding npcs when necessary.

      -Repair mode (gain no hp XP): Perfect for defence pures, the script will keep you activity high by chopping down trees and repairing the doors / barricades around the map.
        The script generates unique characteristics for each different account. Point spending feature that will purchase desired items from the void shop when you have enough points. Can join a clan chat and follow the team to different worlds. Can fight with quick prayers Uses the special attack of all weapons Drinks all potions Uses a complex algorithm to calculate the order in which portals will open up. Works well with TRiBot's break handler feature You can start the script from anywhere! It will use the PC minigame teleport if necessary. Randomized pathing each game. Efficiently handles brawlers & splatters' User friendly UI with extensive customization Can play in all boats (Novice, Intermediate, Veteran) Fast at entering the boat ( Multi threaded ) Simple and effective paint that displays points / XP gained.
        Below is a video of the script in action, and some screenshots of results that users have achieved. 

      Reaching max points in a single run:

      Reaching max points again:

      Spending max points on 99 HP: 
      Spending max points again:
      Spending max points again:

    • By Starfox
      Sigma Magic Premium
      Script Features
      Normal Spells
      Alchemy: Alchemize any item of your choice with low or high alchemy
      Bolt Enchantment: Enchant any bolt of your choice
      Bones to Fruit: Turn any regular or big bone of your choice into bananas or peaches
      Cursing: Cast confuse, weaken, curse, vulnerability, enfeeble, stun, bind, snare, or entangle on any npc of your choice
      Cursing/Alchemy: Use any curse in combination with low or high alchemy for maximum xp per hour
      Jewelry Enchantment: Enchant rings, bracelets, necklaces or amulets with enchant level 1-6, DOES NOT SUPPORT TOPAZ
      Superheating: Superheat your ores into any bar of your choice
      Teleportation: Teleport anywhere repeatedly for great experience
      Lunar Spells
      Bake Pie: Bake any pie of your choice with the bake pie spell
      Humidify: Cast humidify on empty vials, bowls, jugs, buckets, or clay for great profit. You can also use the humidify spell on a single fish bowl for even faster experience
      Plank Make: Turn normal, oak, teak, or mahogany logs into planks for profit and experience
      String Jewelry: String all of your gold, unstrung symbols, sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond, dragonstone, or even onyx amulets for fast experience
      Superglass Make: Convert buckets of sand and soda ash, seaweed, or swamp weed into molten glass for amazing profit and experience
      Tan Leather: Tan green, blue, red, or black dragonhide for huge profit and 100k+ xp/hr
      Spin Flax: Spin flax into bowstrings for magic and crafting experience
      Recharge Dragonstone: Charge dragonstone jewelry for profit
      GUI Preview

      Progress Reports
      Payment Options
      $7.99 for 1 month of access, run up to 5 accounts at the same time
      $14.99 for 3 months of access, run up to 5 accounts at the same time

    • By daxmagex
      Script Not Starting/Freezing on startup? You need to add these to your Tribot firewall!
      TIP: Easiest thing is to DISABLE the Tribot firewall in settings! Best and fastest solution

      Rune Scape Leaderboards (Rank 4 and 6 in hiscores)
      Longest Proggy:
      From @dimidejong10

      Simply click the thread. The trial should be right next to the purchase options.
      Picture of GUI

      Click Here
    • By warlordslay3r
      Hey i recently got the vip with tribot i tried the rockcrabs bots but it was shit it runs around for no reason and script turns of automatically whats a good flawless bot for rockcrabs any recommendation ?
  • Our picks

    • This release will:

      Fix LG for both OSBuddy and RuneLite

      Fix issue where the resizable client isn't able to be made smaller (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Fix detection of the logout game tab when resizable mode and side panels are enabled (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Add initial support for Sentry to allow us to identify and easily debug exceptions happening with all TRiBot users

      Add methods to determine if the bank is actually loaded, and not just the overarching interface (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Full Sentry support

      Much more
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      • 53 replies
    • This release will:

      Fix NPE in Camera API (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Update deposit box interface ids (Thanks @Encoded)

      Add various bank methods (Thanks @wastedbro)




      Fix resizeable minimap bug (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Remove Java 8 requirement

      Please note: TRiBot is not yet fully compatible with Java 10+

      Fix the break handler issues by ensuring the break handler thread never gets paused

      Fix broken settings hooks

      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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      • 68 replies
    • This release will:

      Add support for using custom F key bindings to switch between game tabs (Thanks @erickho123)

      Fix tab opening for "Skills" and "Kourend Tasks" (Thanks @erickho123)

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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      • 34 replies
    • This release will:

      Fix an issue where breaks would stop firing

      Fix Combat#getWildernessLevel, use dynamic search for text and cache ID for later calls

      Fix an NPE in the Combat API

      Fix Mouse#leaveGame bug where the mouse wouldn't actually leave the game screen
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      • 21 replies
    • This release will:

      Add LG support for Runelite

      Fix NPCChat issues

      Fix a bug where the camera angle setter would just hold down a key for 5 seconds (the timeout)

      Slightly adjust the rotation via keys to be more accurate

      Add the ability for asynchronous camera movement via keys

      Make Camera rotation via mouse more fluid, with more antiban, and work much better in resizable mode

      Add a "Camera#setCamera" method, allowing the rotation and angle to be set in parallel

      Increase the likelihood of using the mouse for camera movements

      Add support for adjusting the camera to positionable entities (Positionable#adjustCameraTo)

      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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