Due to the recent amount of bans on rs many people are making many unneeded "I got banned" threads. Not only is this old news, but it creates much spam on the forum itself. To try and combat this we have decided to make a official banned thread and pin it here. Not only that, but we have come up with a form to fill out to tell us what happened leading you to getting banned. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me or another member of staff.
*2/15/14*: After one week of this thread being posted we will begin infraction users 2 points for "spamming" if making a "banned" thread or posting anything ban related in other's threads. Keep all rs ban discussions here.   ALL BAN DISCUSSION GOES HERE!
Got Banned? Fill out this form:  Last location before getting banned?: Skill botted?: Breaks or no? If so how long?: How long did you bot per day?: Banned before?: Type of ban?: VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes/No/Which) Scripts Used? Using looking-glass? (Yes/No/Which) Other Bots Used?: How many bots at a time were being run?: Date banned?: Fresh account/Days acc used?: