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[Thieving][Iron Man][Money Making] Spiker Blackjacker [Up To 260k XP/HR][Up To 120k GP/HR][Double Double Hit Technique][ABCL 10+]

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Script is working really good, it just has one flaw. When it world hops, i normally use high risk world as there are no players there.


But when it switches back, its stuck at the world hop, asking if i wanna do high risk world. Is it possible to make it work so it doesn't have any problems there? :)

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Script is working really good, it just has one flaw. When it world hops, i normally use high risk world as there are no players there.


But when it switches back, its stuck at the world hop, asking if i wanna do high risk world. Is it possible to make it work so it doesn't have any problems there? :)

Currently, it does not support world hopping to deadman, high risk, pvp, and tournament worlds.


When i use the bot it typically just stands there and says setting up. It will say I have no noted food but i do

Did you get everything figured out? If not, please check the first page.

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not sure how but i just died :P Nbd only lost 200k but still strange, the only time i dont baby it i come back and im dead :o


Edit: didnt lose anything, went back after casually regearing and noted food was on ground haha

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The bot works great, @Leespiker you should probably mention to hide combat mode, so the bot doesn't accidentally misclick and press attack, because that's what happened when I ran it once. 


Also maybe a safeguard for mistakes like that, and when the servers are laggy, is to maybe make the bot eat at a higher %hp?

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I am disappointed in the script. Mainly it is because of the high price i think, that makes u expect great things. U simply can't leave it alone, u have to babysit it. 

Here a honest feedback, according to the 'list of dreams', made by script writer. 


Estimated xp rates

45-54 = 40k+

55-64 = 60k+

65+ = 80k+ (up to 260k)

I started at lvl 55, got at max around 30k xp, if lucky. When it did reach this, i died fast after. 

At lvl 65 now: 50k ish/hour. Misclicks alot. has trouble luring in/out. Can really easily get stuck in a patern, so DONT AFK THIS SCRIPT. 



Built-in antiban + ABCL 10 (Sounds great, but remember guys, this is outdated. ABC2 is out)

Knocks out and pickpockets bandits, bearded bandits, and menaphite thugs efficiently (Efficiently no, 1 out of 3 times doesnt pickpocket at all, after succesfully knocking out a npc. Xp Waste)

Lures mobs in and out of buildings when necessary (When necessary?! This script can go insane when it comes to luring npcs in and out of buildings, it literally CANT stop sometimes. Just gets stuck in a cycle.)

Closes curtains to keep mobs in and out of buildings

Eats when necessary

Unnotes food fast using Banknote Exchange Merchant

Buys jugs of wine from Ali The barman if not using noted food

Switches to better mobs when needed

Uses double double hit technique for max xp (It does, nice. Yet not always. I saw alot of sucessfull knockouts, but then it waits as if u are 'stunned' aka it doesnt pickpocked at all. Bit of a waste of time)

Up to 260k thieving xp/hr

Up to 120k gp/hr



45+ Thieving

30+ hp (small chance of dying if lower)

Lets not get into the amount of times i died, but i am 85 hp and can say i ran from falador to the desert again to many times XD. Bit of my own fault aswell i think, since i didn't had the NPC ATTACK option to HIDDEN. I guess script misclicks  and can't always manage to get into the safe zones. Mostly it does, not always. 


I dont think i can get a refund now, because the script writer might not be happy with a detailed feedback post. But i prefer to let the public/future buyers know what they can expect of this highly overpriced script. 


(Edit: currently the script status = Waiting for a menaphite thug. While it stands next to one in the right tent, with closed door. Restarted many times not sure whats going on.

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Isn't the best script, but isn't the worst.


I don't trust the script enough, so I brought a ring of life just incase. Right now, after 6 minutes, I'm at 115k exp/hr at 75 thieving, but I know it's gonna change. The script messes up hard when it accidentally lures 2 thugs into the same building, and it goes into an endless loop of trying to lure another thug. I suggest people to bring a ring of life incase you die. Also ABC2 could help


edit: instead of luring the thugs, maybe add an option to just hop worlds til you get a empty world that already has a thug inside the building?

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Script doesn't run for more than 30 min. Gets stuck, randomly attacks mob like 5 times in a 10 min span. extremely buggy. Endless loop of luring out mob in and out. I didn't get my money's worth. Getting half the xp advertised. 

When I paid for a 10$ script, I expected nothing but quality. But this is some half ass-ed script with endless number of bugs. 

If I knew this script was gonna be this garbage, I'd mousekey train it myself getting 3x more xp


edit: after 65 it becomes a lot less bad

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What's the best way to do this with my ironman? And is it possible to set the script to only use ironman rights with buying/selling etc.?

This script hasn't been updated for a while and isn't currently working - I wouldn't purchase or use until we get an update. The script seems to put you into a loop which I think would be easily detected. A shame really, this script has potential.

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      Ability to recognize the banned/locked messages again

      Ability to read the current input for username and password fields

      If the username or password is already entered correctly, it won't be erased

      If only part of the username or password is already entered correctly, it won't be erased. The login bot will fill in what's missing.

      If there are a few invalid characters after a valid substring of your username/password, only (approximately) those invalid characters will be erased. The login bot will then proceed to fill in the missing characters.

      Coming soon:

      Skull icon fix

      Improve screen rate and responsiveness of the RS client (both regular client and LG)

      Much more
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    • This release includes:

      Fix shift clicking option selecting

      Fix high paint delay settings saving

      Update prayer IDs for the quick select menu

      Remove RS3 support

      Fix hooks

      RS3 Support Removed

      The RS3 client hasn't been updated since our Old-School version of TRiBot was released, as many of you may have noticed. Keeping all of the RS3 code in the client made the client as a whole harder to maintain, larger, slower, and messier. As hardly anyone still uses the RS3 client, and since the RS3 API was hardly functioning, we made the decision to completely remove it from TRiBot.

      For the average user, this means that the client will be smaller, cleaner, and faster. Future updates will also take less work meaning there will be more frequent updates.

      If you were one of the few users still using the RS3 client, we apologize for the inconvenience. No future support for RS3 is planned. There are many other botting clients which has support for RS3, so we recommend finding an alternative if you wish to continue botting on RS3.
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      Apache Commons Lang

      Apache Commons Math




      Hint arrow API



      Fix player hooks including Player#getSkullIcon and Prayer#getPrayerIcon
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