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[ANTILURE][ANTIBAN][24HR+PROGGIES]Sol's Jungle Nature Crafter

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Posted Image

Price 1.5 Million 07RS GP OR $12 PAYPAL

Progress reports
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Record of a scrennie:(Actual record is 43 hours)
Posted Image

Posted Image
- 410 Natures/Hour (About 100k/H)
- Paint Progress
- Exp to Level
- Time To Level
- Handling
- Safe Routes
- Anti-Sniping
- Anti-luring
- 2 Minutes and 25 Seconds per loop
- about 4k RC exp/h
- Tiara/Talisman fully supported.
- Start the script anywhere on the path
- Does not get stuck at all and if so, it will recorrect itself; will continuously move
- Pouches but request
- drinks and buys anti poison

Terms of service/agreement
I have every right to refuse service after being paid the script if I feel the matter of the customer being bluntly disrespectful in any shape or form of matter.
I will do my best to assist you.


- 44 runecrafting
- nature talisman or nature tiara
- start at either the general store, altar entrance, or inside altar
- Money to buy your un noted pure essence in general store and noted pure essence
- Items in inventory should be: pure essence(optional), noted pure essence, money and nature talisman if your not using a tiara

Version 1.00
- Pathway problem; ran into broodoo/broodoo bush; rewrote it

Version 1.02
- fixed pathway again
- added broodoo danger support to log out and let user know
- added essence calculations buying in store; Other words, it will now figure out how much essence to sell and buy so you don't put too much essence in the store.
- small other bug fixes

Version 1.03
- Preparing multiple pathways for Version 2
- brand new "flawless", and I mean flawless route which completely avoids broodoo bushes including jungle spiders
- fixed the counter and added other counters
- GUI being worked on
- Mouse speed adjusted to get your essence from store quicker
- delays fixed

Version 1.04
- Now can start from any pathway you were in; If your character gets stuck, it will recorrect it self; IN BETA
- can Handle anti poison but isn't really neccessary due to the path
- Delays fixed
- If pouches are detected in inventory will use them
- New paint image
- Properly fixed spaces to decide how many pure essences to buy
- Pouches implemented but doesn't execute; request it from me if you do want pouches; I will add it so u choose the option in the GUI when I finish it

Version 1.05
- Fixed getting stucked by the woodcutting area or any other area; was a bug in the walking method
- Will buy antipoison from shop if you are out of it
- re correct pathwalk adjusted
- Ess buying temporarily redone
- Hp detection if low hp, will log out to prevent from dieing
- New path way yet again, to avoid the spiders at all costs reducing dieing to extremely low chance
- other fixes I can't remember

Version 2.0
- buy item ess finally properly done;
- Authentication System/webhost
- some prevention of null pointers etc
- did some fixing on the recalculating path way if it ever gets stuck; still needs some work
- delays

Next Updates:
Version 1.1 patch of updates being worked on
- Flawless Essence Subtraction done
- Quicker Routes
- More Efficient Run Usage
- Optional Shilo Village banking
- food implementation

Current Bot Version: 2.11

Current sold copies:


i purchased the script it works like a charm :D

Amazing script. Flawless so far and makes 200k p/h easily. Thanks!!
Been running for 20 mins and haven't been attacked once. The route it takes is completely safe.


My laptop got owned by Windows Updates whilst I was out, though I'm confident it ran for over 3 and a half in total.

Note; 'TTL' is actually time ran.


NOTE: i an running on two accounts.

Version 1.04 is awesome!

Posted Image
For the most efficient form of contact you can find me on IRC.
SwiftIRC - IRC Nickname - Solcrystal
Skype Accounts: Ask for it in PM

Otherwise you can private message me on Tribot Forums, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Remember to not flood my private messaging inbox, if I do not reply right away I am offline, I'll get back to you as soon as I get back online.

Posted Image
I'll try to keep all questions asked here on the first post to avoid repeat questions. Hopefully this helps you all with some FAQs about the bot.

1. How does this script work?
-It uses the general store as if its a bank. It un notes the pure essence by selling pure essence to the general store and then rebuying them for a small cost.

2. How safe is this script?
Well in all honesty, every script you run here plays a risk. This includes randoms etc. However, to my best ability/capability, I wrote this script as safe as possible. This script works almost "flawlessly". In the next version or hopefully soon, I will make it so it handles antipoison and food and even possibly hopping worlds.

3. Do you got any recommendations?
Running in lite mode is required
I strongly recommend watching the screen once in a while incase something goes wrong. If your hp is low then i would watch the account carefully.

4. How do i get the updated script?
Check my website to get the latest updates.

5. Why is there a version of 1.x and not 2.x?
I refer the whole numbers as major updates while I refer decimal points as small updates and bug fixes.

Posted Image

If you are having trouble running the bot or run into a bug/problem just shoot me a PM. I'll be glad to fix/solve the problem for you or find you the answer for why the bot is not working. Remember, to check back for updates to the script. I'll keep an up-to-date log of changes and upgrades to the bot.

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4 question's , will it be updated regularly?

does it support random's and run away if needed.

Cost to run per hour and lvl 3 safe/requirements?

If any emergency updates needed, will work asap. In regards of updates yes it will. I will work on the next version update very soon. Possibly tommrrow :)

My next "major" goals are route to shilo village and pouches.

Pouches are already implemented in my private script that I have so that won't take long.

Posted Image updated progress report

Ok sounds good! One slightly off topic comment, what's the best way to reach 44 RC? It's one of few skills I've looked into so far.

Fire runes.

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I'm failing to understand this.

But if it will craft me natures I want it.

Do you start the script up in shilo ?

No it uses the general store to un note the pure essence.

Shilo Village version will be worked on.

I'm failing to understand this.

But if it will craft me natures I want it.

Do you start the script up in shilo ?

This script sells noted rune essence from the general store and then buys them back so that it can run back and forth to the nature altar in order to make runes... You start it in the general store, shilo village will be an option in V2.

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      Ignore Java versions which are symbolic links

      Make the bundled JDK the preferred Java version

      Update icon images

      Reduce the number of HTTP calls
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      These changes include 80+ commits by our development team, a list of them is summarized below and also available for your viewing pleasure in the new TRiBot Loader.

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