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[ABCL 10] ExRunecrafter - Fastest AIO Runecrafter [ABYSS, NORMAL] [ANTI PK] [Pouch Pickup] [ALL RUNES/METHODS] [DEATHWALK]

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On 12/13/2017 at 3:41 PM, Christian barrios said:

got perma banned doing natures with glory amulet teleport. 


On 12/12/2017 at 10:45 AM, Xtracorrupt said:

big problem with this script is it always clicks the magic spell tab when it runs to fire altar when just crafting fire runes like normal, it looks very stupid


On 12/11/2017 at 10:09 AM, icezman said:


Doing solo fire runs from castlewars - Dueling arena with small pouch it exhibits extreem bot like behaviour with the following:


Arrive at altar and make fire runes, clicks too fast on the pouch while the animation hasn't finished so it has to do it twice (every time).

Trying to use dueling ring to castle wars the same: It goes to fast and the animation hasn't completed resulting in it waiting 2 seconds and trying again and then teleporting.

This happens every time every run, very botlike. This could be fixed by waiting for the animation to be completed or atleast waiting 1 second extra before clicking on pouch/dueling ring.


Edit: I have found a temporary workaround by joining an american server so I have more delay in input/more lag.


On 12/10/2017 at 4:15 AM, Negos said:

Any chance you can add Ourania Altar (ZMI) support (w/ lunars to pouch repair and teleport to the start of Ourania)? It is a popular way to train RC for those of us going for 99 rc :)

You have a better chance to contact Erick in his Discord chat. https://discord.gg/ZapKKK

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It doesnt work, I cannot get the script to work properly no matter where I start my character. please let me know if this is a user error or if the script is broken

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@disturbingly You'll have to give us more information than that for us to know what the problem is. All I can say given what you've said is that it is more than likely a user error, given that no one else is claiming that the script doesn't currently work. Review your settings and everything required for the script to run.

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not sure why it keeps grabbing a new glory (4) out of the bank and into inventory then decides to deposit just the glory back into the bank and repeats

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can anyone confirm if the script runs/works using abyss, thank you

Edited by zai123

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10 hours ago, JustBenH said:

Set up for Master/Slave method with 5 runners, but none of them offer out a trade to the Master and I have to manually accept a trade from the Master account. Am I setting it up wrong or? 

As a master you have to input the slave names: for e.g Runner1,Runner2,Runner3

and as a slave you have to input the master name: for e.g Master1

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Could you add shift click empty pouches? No one right clicks empties anymore.


Actually this could benefit from hotkey support. Like using ESC to close bank.


For Lavas maybe use imbue spell before entering the altar.

Spends a while standing at Duel Arena before actually doing anything.

Edited by Mia Malkova

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Gets stuck at the wilderness ditch warning, cant even get to the abyss.

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Hmm yeah i went to the doomsayer but it says i can only turn off warnings of places I've been to. I've been to the wilderness quite a few times but not sure why it doesn't let me turn it off.

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After the initial hour trial I decided to ahead & purchase the script. It's been working great all day. Sometimes it makes simple errors but it corrects itself. For example, it teleported to karamja with the glory instead of edgeville, but it teleported back to edgeville & continued runecrafting. It's a little slow. I'm getting around 13.6k exp/hr crafting nature runes but I haven't started using staminas yet. Overall, I like this script a lot. Haven't came back to my computer once to see my character logged out & I appreciate the hell outta that. 

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