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[FREE][OPEN-Source][GUI]TFL's CatherbyFisher [Supports Lobsters & Swordfish] [BANKING!]

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TFL's CatherbyFisher [Lobsters & Swordfish]


Currently Adding to Repository!

Edit! Now in Repository: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/621



Please start with Lobster Pot / Harpoon in Inventory! Thank you!


Script Information:

  • TFL's CatherbyFisher is a fishing script which fishes either lobsters or swordfish in catherby. The option is also given whether to bank or not (my personal opinion is to always bank when fishing these 2 types of fish, but I digress). 
  • TFL is a two person scripting team which will be making scripts for Tribot. This is our third bot release (second non-beta bot release), and we will be updating this often.​

Features of TFLCatherby Fisher:

  • GUI - selection of [Lobsters or Swordfish] & [banking or dropping]
  • Uses Catherby Bank to bank
  • Informative paint
  • Avoid combat randoms
  • runs semi- flawlessly (still fixing the whirlpool random - occurs around every ~ 2 hours - has the ability to remove the lobster pot / harpoon from inventory)
  • Uses strings of item names rather than ID's (will never need an update concerning the ID's) 

Open Source Link:


Some previous proggies:

  • coming soon! 


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i tried using this script to catch lobsters but all it did was just try and use the harpoon spots.

i even tried stopping the script and restarting it still didnt work. like the concept but just doesnt work

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Thanks for making it open source. Helped me understand how GUIs work!

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The bot only goes for the first harpoon spot it sees, it does not go for cage spots, or distinguish between shark and swordfish spots.

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