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Deluxes Scripter Application

Deluxes for scripter?!   10 members have voted

  1. 1. Deluxes For Scripter?!

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https://tribot.org/f...ea/#entry211963 - Source - http://pastebin.com/FDc2pzF1

https://tribot.org/f...r/?hl=appendage - Source - http://pastebin.com/RFQkSYTA 




Randoms/updates submitted: N/A

Scripts available to the public:

https://tribot.org/f...ck/#entry376369 - Source - http://pastebin.com/FhnqJDde

https://tribot.org/f...-essence-miner/ - Source - http://pastebin.com/Z5Ch43Hk

https://tribot.org/f...raynorthieving/ - Source - http://pastebin.com/tp1UaahX


Old Scripts

https://tribot.org/f...orts-all-hides/ - Source - http://pastebin.com/JWAKCRQd

https://tribot.org/f...ce-deluxesairs/ Source - http://pastebin.com/02D69mKL


Unreleased Scripts (Anyone that see's can use as they would have been free):

Air Rune Runner - Master/Slave - http://pastebin.com/uQ6neN4S


Short biography / Coding Experience:

In highschool, all I did was play games. Runescape, League Of Legends, Maplestory. I played just about everything. After awhile, I decided, I want to make games not just play them. I started taking programming classes at school and quickly became the best in my classes. This was not enough though, I started to dive into Unity3d in my spare time, creating private servers for games, coding scripts for bots. I had become familiar with Java and C#, and started college. First year in my collaborative lab for programming, my teacher was building a company that employed students. Seeing how quickly I picked everything up, he asked me to join Everfire Studios. I "worked" there for around a year and a half before leaving. We had worked under sweat equity, so there was no pay until a released project and revenue from there. After 3 unsuccessful project, I decided to take my leave as it was too stressful for me. I now am going to school, working in retail, programming scripts, and running a small bot farm in my spare time.

Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter:

Firstly I strive to learn. To learn one must teach others to enforce their knowledge. I often help other people trying to learn scripting by showing them the ropes. Whether that's taking a couple hours of my time to show them the basics, or explain how something could be better, I do just that. Secondly, I believe that I can become an increased asset to the TRiBot community with spending more time supporting in the Scripting Help, Bot Help, and Scripting Tutorials sections. Finally, I 

What you plan to provide the community with:
I plan to provide the community with more free scripts. After using several free scripts, I always find a couple problems with them. I want to release more free scripts with the hopes to make quality scripts free. I also will provide quick support for any of my free scripts. Whether this be talking with someone who is having a problem and fixing the problems right away, or testing by my self to update what is broken. I do not want my scripts to give a bad image of myself with simple things such as them not working when I do have the time to fix them. I also would like to release more tutorials to help people out. From experience I know that there is always the wall of entry, and I would like to make that wall just a staircase for people instead.

Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community?

Yes, I believe that Open Source scripts are very beneficial to a community. Any Free script I release that is not a trial version WILL be open source. I believe Open Source scripts can help other members a lot as that is how I learned. I looked at scripts to get a feel on how things should/could be done and applied my knowledge to create my own.


Do you agree to follow the terms found here if you ever release a premium script?

Yes, I believe all the rules stated on the thread are fair.


I would like to that everyone for their time spent considering me for this position. I will respect what the outcome is and strive to improve myself either way.


As I used resources from my old account, blkancients, I can provide proof that it is indeed my account. Whether it be a screenshot, direct PM, changing its bio, etc.




I mostly use States for my scripts, but I wanted to try the nodes to see how I like them.

I come from C# so I am used to CapitialMethodLikeThis, but working on switching to be uniform.

I will start adding invokeLater so it does not need to be ran in LiteMode.



I will look into EnumScript. Hadn't seem any tutorials, or any use in other scripts. Just recently saw it. Thanks for the pointers.

Edited by Deluxes

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Your code/structure is fairly well-written.


I find it interesting that you use states for some scripts and nodes for others.


One thing I noticed, was that you capitalize the first letter of your void methods. They start with a lowercase letter like your other methods. See this.


You also don't seem to implement 

javax.swing.SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() { public void run() {} }); 

for your GUIs.  This allows them to be run in non-lite mode.


I don't normally read or respond to scripter applications, but I'd say yours looks better than some previous ones we've received.


I'll go ahead and vote Yes for this one.


Good luck.



Edited by Leespiker

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Just read through it when it was placed in the dump for some reason. Looks good to me. Naming conventions could be better and I would've chosen for different data structures at times.


The code for the GUI's is missing as well - so I assume it has not been hand made.


Voted yes.

Edited by J J

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Not a fan of everything being shoved into one class.


Also, do not create methods that do multiple things such as your bank method.


Next, use the boolean methods as booleans:

Banking.withdraw(0, BAR_IDS[barType]);Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() {    @Override    public boolean active()    {        return Inventory.getCount(BAR_IDS) >= itemMap.get(itemToMake);                                         }}, General.random(2000, 2250));

^ Do not wait for the bars to enter the inventory if the withdraw method fails.


Also, you re-created a framework that is already in the api: EnumScript


You also created an area class when there is one there for you.


Much room for improvement, but I say yes for now because at least you have an ok idea of what you're doing.

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You also created an area class when there is one there for you.

It wasn't available when he made it :P

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I don't like the whole "my entire script will be in one class" thing you have going on. Other than that, sure.

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Clear understanding of the API, had a few chats on Teamspeak with Deluxes

I think he would be a great addition to Tribot Scripting staff.



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