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Understanding the Ranks

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Posted Image Administrator: These users are in-charge of everything. They can or cannot also be TRiBot developers (even if they don't have the developer rank).

Posted Image Super Moderator: These users are the head of the moderators. They manage all forums and users.

Posted Image Moderator: These users manage all forums and users.

Posted Image Sectional Moderator: These users are moderators who only manage certain sections of the forums. They should be contacted first (if they manage the section you need help in), before any moderator is contacted.

Posted Image Support Staff: These users are there for other users who are in need of support (either TRiBot or TRiBot Forums related).

Posted Image Developers: These users are in-charge of developing TRiBot.

Posted Image Contributers: These users contribute to TRiBot's development on a regular basis.

Posted Image Scripters: These users are skilled in writing scripts. They have to write multiple scripts of good quality to achieve this rank.

Posted Image Sponsors: These users pay generous amounts of money to keep TRiBot alive.

Posted Image VIP: See this thread.

http://tribot.org/forums/images/groupimages/english/Postbit_Donor.png Donors: These users have donated an amount of $5 or more to keep TRiBot alive. They are exempt from seeing advertisements on the index page.

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^^ How to donate?

It seems that they've disabled the feature to donate considering they've reached there current goal of donations which was originally 500 CAD. Once, they have a new goal set then I believe they'll be opening the donation portion of it again, don't quote me on this I could be wrong.

But from what I've seen this seems to be the logical answer.

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