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TRiBot Repository Version 3.0

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TRiBot Repository Version 3.0


Today marks the release of the TRiBot Repository Version 3.0. I have spent many weeks working to implement a glorious new theme, with many more features, listed below.




New Home Page

  • TRiBot's scripts are now all listed on one page instead of having multiple pages. This will help reduce the amount of time it takes to find the script which the user wants.
  • New search functionality: entering text in the search bar will automatically filter out all of the scripts which don't apply to the search text, instead of having to load a new page. Searching is also done by script name, author name, button text, and script description.

Better Credit Transferring

  • Users will now see a confirmation page with the recipient's name before sending credits.

Scripter Statistics

  • Scripters can now see statistics for their scripts. More stats will come in the future.

Script Coupons

  • Users can now enter coupons for up to a 10% discount (if there is a coupon available).

Discounts for Multiple Auth Purchases

  • Scripters are now able to offer up to a 10% discount if a user purchases more than x auths at a time.


Happy botting,

TRiLeZ and TRiBot Staff

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