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TRiBot Release 9.10_0

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please fix the graphics disabling freezing glitch.. or explain how to do it!! thank you for the update, Trilez.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but the "freezing glitch" isn't a glitch at all, and its how the feature is meant to work. Disable all graphics = The illusion that it has frozen.


Try it, start a script, leave it for 5 minutes with disabled graphics, un-disable the graphics and check the proggy/items. Its pretty obvious when its working because well... you'll have more shit then you did before.


It works like a charm imo, great time to buy a cheap vps and give it a go <3


thanks for this release. 

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Before the latest update I was running 3 bots just fine on my VPS, come back to it, all of them have stopped (due to the update I imagine), I update tribot, load up all 3 of the bots I am currently running and then 1 crashes. I've tried to do this numerous times and its random which one will crash. Any reason for this? it might be because of login bot but I don't know, I wasn't using it before now I am. I'll give it a go in a bit and get back to you. 


Edit: Yup, just tried to login with all 3 bots without login bot, 1 crashed when I logged in on the 3rd, and the other two remain strong. I'm very confused as to why it just started doing this. Anyone who can shed some light?


AMAZING DOUBLE EDIT: Got it working with running 2 tribot clients 1 with 2 panels. Seems to be going ok, still a weird WEIRD occurrence. 

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Tonight I tried disabling graphics again: the same is still happening.

I was lying on my bed watching anime, with 2 bots on with graphics disabled, and suddenly my laptop's fan bursts into full speed (never happens)


I rush to it and notice that CPU usage is at 100%, I check the bots and deactivate the graphic disable on both, and they were effectively crashed, each using 50% of my i5.


Would be sweet if you could look into it, I once again forgot to  check for the errors.. the CPU saved is really noticeable!

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