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TRiBot Release 9.02_0

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This update features:

  • Updates to the Prayer API.
  • Re-coded Molly solver. The solver is now much faster.
  • Updated the combat random solver. The solver should be better at returning to the character's original position now.
  • Updated the Frog random solver.
    • Failing the Frog random will no longer stop the script, unless the script itself manually/forcefully stops when it fails. The Frog Cave solver should kick and and solve that.
    • If the solver runs away from combat, it should now be able to return to the princess.
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For some reason my bot isn't doing the Sandwich lady random. It just completely ignores it.

This happens to me a lot, it thinks it has successfully completed the random event so it ignores it, then nekminute i'm in some random area, usually on the white mountain where wolves ko me.

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