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@Druid Any news on the bugs?



Only time I used this recently was at master farmer in Draynor and I caught a 2 day after using it.


if you can fix the spam clicking when stunned and the fact it drops everything it picks up is super bot like...

The latest update should have fixed it, I'll take another look at it for you tonight. 

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2 annoying bugs at Ardy Master Farmer


1. Sometimes if the Master Farmer gets inside the field to the west of his usual spot, and the gate is closed, the bot can't open the gate and get to him, it just stands there saying "There aren't any Master Farmer in the thieving area that we can reach"


2. I haven't seen how this one happens, I think it happens when the farmer crosses paths with the Master Farmer and the bot will click attack on the Farmer. But when it happens, after the bot tries to evade combat the Farmer will get stuck on the fence just south of the windmill and the bot stands in the crossroads, constantly saying "trying to evade combat"


Other than that I got 99 thieving today on one of my accounts from it :)

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I'm going to say this. Your script is very very bad. You did not put any effort into this script at all. The logic is just horrendous.


Issues -

  1. The script will often get stuck and try to eat food when the bank is open: This is just horrible logic: https://gyazo.com/7175938ff7e67914b91b65af7ae46ca4
  2. I'm pretty sure this script does not even have ABCL or at least it is not ABCL10 as from the image above you can tell the way its trying to eat the food is NOT ABCL10.
  3. The GUI is the worst it could possibly be, the logic behind is very bad.
  4. Saving Configurations doesn't seem to work nor is their any explanation on this.
  5. The camera often moves up and down randomly.
  6. The looting list with the logic is very bad it doesn't even specify if it wants the name or the ID.
  7. If you use a food that has several stages you don't even account for the stages after the main stage of the food therefore the script attempting to use a whole new piece of food after using it once.
  8. Often time the bot will just run around or miss click because of the poorly coded logic causing lost time.
  9. Depending on what you're thieving if it is a specific item and if you do not use any food it will deposit all items and then retrieve the food again instead of just depositing the item which wastes time and is poor logic.


These are the glitches I have found just using the script with ONE TYPE of thieving method. I'm sure they're hundreds of other issues. This script is just ridiculous and should not be a premium script as he did not put any effort into it. He see's the messages above and it seems he really couldn't care less. It seems he spent more time trying to pretty up his script considering the paint changes colors over time as a useless feature.


The script should honestly just be made free and purchases within the last few months should be given. Thank you for reading.


@Druid @Usa @Todd @J M C

Edited by Sphiinx
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Multiple Script disputes of a particular script result in Admin intervention, right now you guys are just making bug reports.


If we see an influx in reports of a certain Script/Scripter then we look into the matter, hope that clears up your concerns/questions about the process.

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does the dispute also work when he already refunded me because he didnt want to fix it?


Script Disputes are for recovering your Credits from a Script if you have a valid reason. So in this case, no as you were refunded.


If you weren't the only one experiencing issues with whatever you reported to him, naturally more users would report issues resulting in disputes but that doesn't work if users aren't taking the appropriate steps we have setup for you to follow.

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sup man just brought script runs allgood. but just when you use cake as a food type it eats it once, the cake turns into 2/3 of a cake so apparently it doesnt eat that and its junk so i drops it. any chance on fixing ? cheers

I noticed this on the free trial. So when it was the rest of the cake I'll buy it then. I'll keep watching this forum for a fix so I know when to buy

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I'm looking at the recent issues that have been reported. Please standby for an update. 


Should you have anything to report, please drop me a message on Skype or send me a PM.


Thank you


Edited by Druid

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Whilst you're looking at the other issues people have reported, could you also take a look at the mule system?


It currently doesn't fully function:

  • Slaves will hop to mule world.
  • Slaves will go to mule location.
  • Stuck - slaves won't trade (also no de-bug available)




Yes Not a problem, Mule trading has actually been rewritten, I will add it in one of the next updates. 

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