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Meet the staff!

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Table of contents

  • Staff mission
  • Staff introductions
  • Rank structure
    • ​General overview description
    • List of current rank holders
    • Special ranks - who holds them what they're for
    • Responsibility distribution
    • Requirements prerequisites
  • Master staff list - All time

Staff Mission

Each of us has been appointed to our positions with the best of intentions for the best of reasons. Hand selected, the tribot staff is an active group of veteran users who have proven their loyalty to the site, maturity, dedication and interest in the furthering of our efforts. Whether coming from support staff or script writing, each of us puts together our unique views to compromise and meet the expectations of the users in which are below us. This is an unpaid position and is surely far from glorious, but we do it because we love it.






  • Rank and Special Positions - TRiBot Founder/Owner, Head Developer, Administrator of Everything
  • Biography - I got into RS cheating back in 2009 - when I was 14. I started at SRL Forums with very little scripting/programming knowledge. After not too much time I started climbing the ranks to eventually become an SRL Developer. Early 2010 was when I first started TRiBot (for the live version of RS). I kept developing it with a bunch of breaks every now and then. It wasn't until the bot-nuke that TRiBot became sort-of popular. This was when TRiBot transformed from a reflection bot into an OpenGL bot. We went from maybe 4 active members to about 15. After RS 2007 was released, it took me a week to decide if I wanted to create an 07 bot. I eventually decided to do it. Now, TRiBot is the most popular RS 07 bot out there!
  • Why are you here at TRiBot? - If I weren't at TRiBot, you all wouldn't be either.
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment? - Creating a successful RS 07 bot.
  • My TRiBot Goals - I hope to be able to maintain TRiBot and its success for as long as I can.





  • Rank and Special Positions - Administrator, Developer, Scripter Application Manager, Premium Script Reviewer
  • Biography - I am Tyler. I am 23 years of age, recent College Graduate with a B.S. in Computer Science. I am from upstate New York. What do I do? Work out everyday, make delicious food, go for relaxing runs, play League of Legends, program in HTML/CSS/PHP/Java to create web applications and new TRiBot scripts for you to enjoy!
  • Why are you here at TRiBot ? - Why not? I haven't missed a runescape cheating community since 2003. I've been active since then, all the way from RuneScape classic to RS2, to the downfall of RS2, and the rise of 07 again. I was Tyler [usa] at Nexus (RSCheata) before we got shutdown and held the position of Head Moderator. I am a Super Moderator at RiD. Old Timer/SRL Member at Villavu. $200 Donator with an 06 registration date at Sythe. I can proudly say that anything and everything botting, cheating, black market related I've had a hand in and played a major role at every community. 10+ years in the scene deserves a little more of a story but i'll keep this short and sweet :)
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment? - Moving Premium Scripts to be approved and setting standards on the community instead of the wild-wild-west scene that was unfolding when I arrived. Oh and USA Abyss Runecrafter, 4,000+ lines later you learn a thing or two.
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? - On the moon.



Super Moderators




  • Rank and Special Positions - Super Moderator @YoHoJo add yourself
  • Biography -
  • Why are you here at TRiBot? -
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment? -
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? -







Yes, that's me.

  • Rank and Special Positions - Moderator.
  • Biography - Hello I'm Patrick from the Netherlands, I'm 21 years old and born and raised in a town called "Zwolle". I'm not really that special, I'm just a normal guy who's interested in programming(even that I'm busy for like 2-3 years with learning it), computers and my gf (if that counts) I did a IT study, which I dropped cause I had some personal issue's. I'm working at a callcenter for a ISP.
  • Why are you here at TRiBot? - I'm at TRiBot because I was still in the botting scene at that moment. I've been botting for several years, been botting on and off, but I also like to be active at forums in general.
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment? - Becoming a moderator off a big botting forums, that I'm some sort of veteran and being a moderator since 2010-2011, I've made the Christmas logo :D.
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? - Hopefully I learned how to script then, and got myself some nice looking scripts.




  • Rank and Special Positions - Moderator
  • Biography - I'm Mat. I'm 17 years old studying Maths, Chemistry & Computing A Levels in the UK. I come from a mixed back ground of practical and techincal work. For my hobbies: I enjoy PC Gaming on mainly FPS and some simulator games.. ETS2!! In my time on the weekends I fly model RC Helicopters which I have done for 9 years with my fathers who's been in the hobby for 30 years. I am also the type of guy who likes to take a part and modify things ^.^ So I've modifed my xbox a few times as ya do :P. On a future note I also am going to join the RAF in the next couple of months as I have wanted to join for many years.
  • Why are you here on TRiBot? - Well, I was on Villavu for a good year after the bot nuke writing scripts etc. I was getting annoyed with the limititations of colour botting, So I went looking in the R&D section and found TRiLeZ talking about TRiBot so I came across and at this time the site was very dead about 10 active users in a day. I also knew nothing of java so I began reading tutorials on java and started to script here when tribot was in it infancy so there were a lot of limitations to thing I could do. But I stayed around writing small scripts and giving suggestions etc. Then out came Old school and here we are today :)
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment? - Becoming a Moderator and being ables to give suggestions and helping TRiBot grow :)
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? - Where do I want to be in a year on a personal level is to be in the RAF Training. On TRiBot I'd like to be able to help all new comers as best I can. Also I'd like to keep finding ways to help TRiBot grow and grow.



  • Rank and Special Positions - Moderator @Montreal add yourself
  • Biography -
  • Why are you here at TRiBot? -
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment? -
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? -





  • Rank and Special Positions - Moderator
  • Biography - Currently 18 years old, studying computer science for a 4 year Bachelor's degree. I plan to further my knowledge of programming and hardware engineering and will utilize what I learn to aid my scripting here on TRiBot. Just another college student as of now.
  • Why are you here at TRiBot? - Originally I came to TRiBot to make scripts for myself so I wouldn't have to spend countless hours leveling my character. In doing so, I became much better programming Java and decided to become a scripter and sell premium scripts.
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment? - Releasing all of the scripts I have and becoming a moderator on TRiBot.
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? - Doing the same thing I'm doing now. Helping the community and making quality scripts.





  • Rank and Special Positions - Moderator
  • Biography - I go by Todd or Padlock. I have a decent amount of technical skill and abilities. I am a Computer Science student at the University of Arizona. In just a few months I will be heading to China to work as a software engineer starting position under my professors company. I like to script in my spare time and enjoy moderating the forums to my full ability. In addition to my technical life I also really enjoy the outdoors. I recently spent a summer working as a wilderness first responder in a rescue unit, which was a ton of fun. Additionally I am a recreational mountain biker, living in Arizona has a lot of great opportunities to tear up some dirt. Also I'm a tad bit of a weeaboo.
  • Why are you here at TRiBot? - I initially found TRiBot when it had less than 100 active users. I really enjoyed the small community backed by a really talented developer. As the community rapidly exploded following the release of the oldschool client I was promoted to a moderator to help deal with the madness. In the time sense I've have made a lot of great friends with the Staff and the Owner and view TRiBot as a second home.
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment? - Starting the TRiBot Live chat initiative. Something I am going to be continuing to work on within the next few weeks.
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? - I will be working hard to work with the members of TRiBot to create a better community. I can promise swift and just punishments for those who which to defile my home. Thanks for reading :D


The Black Tux

  • Rank and Special Positions - Moderator & Community Leader
  • Biography - Hello everyone! I'm Diego. I started playing RuneScape back in 2004, after a few years I ended up in rsbot.org where I achieved Global Mod in 2008 and helped with the developing of API methods. In 2007 I joined Sythe and quickly gained reputation doing many things around in the black market, today I'm an OMM and overall a known user. I've been staff in RuneDream, VeloxBot and Quirlion bots too. I'm currently in 5th semester of CS jajor and 3rd semester of an industrial engineering major at Uniandes. Now specifically about myself, I'm 19 years old, born 30th of September, currently single and I love being with friends, studying and developing coding-related projects for my university. My instagram is diegorbaquero and my internet sykpe is tbt_sythe
  • Why are you here at TRiBot? - I had known TRiBot for a long time but after 07 came back I joined in the new forums to do what I've always done, keeping market safe, helping users and improving their overall experience around the community. [i don't tolerate scammers, so begone you fools]
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment? - Becoming a moderator and creating the automated system of http://tribotvip.me
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? - Hopefully an administrator, being in the top, having more responsibilities and being able to do more.





  • Rank and Special Positions - Moderator
  • Biography - I am TheBat, I am currently working as a mobile application engineer with a small company, I mostly write android, but I have done some work in iOS. Programming is about 60% of my life, and I have been doing it for about 8 years now. I haven't been writing scripts lately because I just haven't had time having a full time job. In my down time, I usually play video games (I'm hooked on PSO2 at the time of writing), bash around with my RC car or play yugioh online. I'm going into my 3rd year of uni at an undisclosed location and will be graduating 2 years from now. I'm hoping I can get a job at Pixar since I've always been into 3d modeling (though I don't have the skill) and I would like to work on programming applications like 3Ds or Mudbox.
  • Why are you here at TRiBot? - I came over after RuneDream quit and before PB came back up after the nuke. I converted a bunch of my color scripts to tribot API and built a nice dev Tool that you will never see since nobody runs EOC. I've been here since the community was small (maybe 2-3 active members) and I was one of the first people to gain the scripter rank here after showing TRiLeZ my swamp lizard script. I've never really like the HUGE forums like PB and I've never really been able to get into injection after working with color scripting for so long (it all feels like cheating haha)
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment? - Being one of the first scripters, having the first 07 script that evolved into one of the most used scripts here, as well as getting staff have all been pretty cool, but I think the largest achievement I've had here was convincing TRiLeZ to give me his skype.
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? - I've mostly been chilling on the site lately and browsing the scripting help section since people occasionally post some simple puzzles there and knowing the API inside and out makes me feel smart ;) My only real goal is to get the BatChopper 2.0 finally finished and released. I've been holding back due to a lack of a secure auth system but the coming repo should change that.








  • Rank and Special Positions - Moderator
  • Biography - I'm an entrepreneur. I like doing new things, and I like making money. I stay up to date on technology and trends. I play League of Legends in my spare time, and often participate in Tournaments or play with my friends. When I'm not online, I'm probably playing Hockey, or coaching it.
  • Why are you here at TRiBot? - I see a lot of potential in TRiLeZ, and TRiBot. I'm here for the ride, and to keep it as smooth as possible.
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment? - A month's worth of posts dedicated to helping users in the Bot Help section.
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? - I want to be more involved with the community, and hope to start scripting soon.



I M Elmo


  • Rank and Special Positions - Admin and Supreme Leader
  • Biography - I'm a lurker, so I always know what's going on. Have a problem? I have the solution; ban hammer. Anyway. I love building computers, going out to the firing range, and working on vehicles. I spend the majority of my time gaming. Oh, and <3 Sloths or die.
  • Why are you here at TRiBot? - Been here since Alpha
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment - Becoming Admin.
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? - Learn Java, possibly. Be the proud owner of a 338 Lapua Magnum.





  • Rank and Special Positions - Moderator
  • Biography - Hi, I'm Vancouver/Jesse. I'm 19 years old and I have always loved helping people and often go out of my way to my own detriment to help others in need. I also love programming in general and I am always learning new things and possibilities with my programming knowledge.
  • Why are you here at TRiBot? - I'm at TRiBot because I love the community and I love helping people. Being here also gives me access to new doors and things to learn about programming.
  • Most proud TRiBot accomplishment - Achieving scripter and moderator within a day span of each other.
  • Your TRiBot goals - where do you want to be in a year? - I want to be a premium scripter and always striving for what I strive now, the next step. Where that may lead me is a mystery and I'm ready to take it on.


Rank Structure




  • ​General overview description - The top of the food chain. Admins represent the top and most respected users here on TRiBot. They've been here way too long and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
  • List of current rank holders - TRiLeZ, USA
  • Special ranks - who holds them what they're for
    • ​Owner - TRiLeZ- TRiLeZ is the founder and owner 'round these parts. His decisions are the final ones and all staff look to him for guidance on big issues. He also deals with partnerships and advertisements.
  • Responsibility distribution - Nobody can tell the admins what to do. They're not very specialized, spending little time in tons of areas with varied interests.
  • Requirements prerequisites - Must have been staff for quite some time and know the current team on a personal level. Maturity and honesty are key.



  • ​General overview description - The lone wolf. SuperMod is the only rank in which one user holds. The task is to oversee all staff operations and organize the forums. Everything that a SuperMod touches is supposed to run more smoothly. Pinned threads, announcements and news are very commonly started here, and while high decisions require admin assistance and approval, the SuperMod is always behind the scenes ready to make sure everything is in a straight line.
  • List of current rank holders - YoHoJo
  • Special ranks - who holds them what they're for
    • ​N/A
  • Responsibility distribution - N/A
  • Requirements prerequisites - Previous Support Staff and/or moderator experience. Must be familiar with IPB and be able to communicate well with others, as much time will be spent bringing up ideas, suggestions and dispute rulings to the admin team. Knowing the site rules inside and out is a must.



  • ​General overview description - The Global Moderator equivalent. This position is filled by users who have shown the ability to lead others effectively in their target areas.
  • List of current rank holders - Crimson, FallenShadow, Mat, Montreal, Mute, Padlockcode, TheBlackTux, TheBat
  • Special ranks - who holds them what they're for
    • Scripter Leader - USA oversees all scriptwriters. They are expected to know the sectional mods very well and make sure everything runs correctly in that area. Script writers are the core of tribot and without them we would be nothing. At the head of the exclusive scriptwriter ranking program, this user has expertise in the area beyond all else.
    • Support Team Leader - FallenShadow is our support king. Live chat, Support staff, Help Guidance all fall into the lap of this user. With a special emphasis placed on helping the commoner, this user has a kind heart and is not only understanding but knowledgeable in all areas of the site. Scripting know-hows are however, not necessary as the Scripting team solves their issues locally. The Support head must.
    • Community Leader - TheBlackTux covers all market, off-topic, general and RuneScape areas of the site. Anything not covered by the other moderators falls into his hands.
    • Public Relations Leader (currently unfilled) -  is the person who just checks how you are doing, and what you are thinking and tries to make your experience at TRiBot the best it can be, while keeping a leash on those certain individuals who like to make fools of themselves. He is always lurking around, and will often post his opinion and get into discussions with each and every TRiBot member who has a point to bring up.
  • Responsibility distribution - Each Moderator oversees their specific area and sectionals under them. They know what to do and they get it done.
  • Requirements prerequisites - Must have been sectional, will most likely be promoted to lead the team in which they were just a sectional mod.


  • ​General overview description - The lowest of the chain, but still very important to the effort. Their main goal is helping users, bringing support tickets to developer attention, updating troubleshooting threads and bringing "the little things" to moderator attention. They are part of the support group, not to be confused as representatives as Official Staff of the forums - they have no forum powers however knowledge is their power.
  • List of current rank holders - TBA
  • Special ranks - who holds them what they're for
    • TBA
  • Responsibility distribution - Pretty obvious here, these users help in their sections, know that user base very well and bring issues to their assigned moderator in charge. They have no powers and are not Staff, just a rank to distinguish people who can best help you with assistance with the forums and/or TRiBot client.
  • Requirements prerequisites - Any user can be promoted to Support Staff. Be active, helpful and mature.
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best thread i've read in quite some time on tribot

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