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DamrauRooftopAgility -Draynor, Varrock, & Falador thru Ardy currently

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It often gets stuck at the very last part of Falador rooftop course. I check bot to find him just standing there.


Also at some points in the course it uses the map to walk when it is totally unnecessary. By that I mean the next jump/obstacle is visibly in sight but the bot will click on the map to move and then click on the roof and jump. Would be much more realistic and faster to just click on the next obstacle. It occurs at the part when it is on the roof of the mining guild building.



Another spot, it gets stuck at the start of the Seers village rooftop course quite often. It sits near bank not moving.

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On 10/22/2015 at 9:43 PM, Splashyy said:

good but when it gets to the end of the draynor rooftop it just stands at stage 6 and doesnt click the next one to finish that lap or doesnt even move the camera to look for it. so please fix this


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