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TRiBot Christmas Giveaway!

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Hello TRiBot and Merry Christmas!


Lucky for you, unlike Santa we are a non-judging community (besides Assume  :heart: ).


As far as we're concerned, you are ALL on the nice list this year so I dont see any better way to kick off this Holiday than with...




Free 3 Days of VIP to all current VIP users, enjoy!





What would Christmas be like if we only gave away a single present? I don't see any fun in that so let's kick it up a notch and ditch out some Credits!


Lucky for us, our fearless leader Trilez came up with a sick algorithm to draw 4 numbers at random from 1 to 200 which will CORRELATE TO THE POST NUMBER IN THIS THREAD. These numbers will posted AFTER an individual has reached the post number and the prize will be given to that individual until we have nothing left  to give! For anyone confused on this, this post counts as #1 and the next post below me will be #2.. and so on!


Super secret algorithm:

for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++)

    println(General.random(1, 200));



Not drawn at this time, check back soon!




  1. You may not post more than twice in the same page.
  2. You cannot consecutively post (no double posting)
  3. You can only win one of the following Christmas Prizes.
  4. No touching of the hair and/or face.

Who is eligible to win these prizes? Everyone!



Christmas Prizes:


The four numbers drawn will correlate to the following presents below,


Third Place: CLAIMED


10 Credits from the Repository, transferred to your account! Enjoy!




Second Place: CLAIMED


15 Credits from the Repository, transferred to your account! Wow!




First Place: 


25 Credits from the Repository, transferred to your account! Holy Smokes jackpot baby!




Mr. Santa Claus (The Real First Place):


Prestigious Holiday Award, crowning you as Mr. Santa Claus for the year that will include a custom Christmas rank.





Oh, and stay tuned for when a Staff member posts a picture of a Christmas related item (you might find a free 30-day VIP Voucher along with it!)


That's it for now and Happy Holidays!


With much love,

TRiBot Staff



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Lucky for you, unlike Santa we are a non-judging community (besides Assume  :heart: ).

Lol. <3



I just uncovered the secret to the algorithm.


for (int i = 0; i <3; i++) // Neglect the rest of the for loop, and that's definitely a heart. :o

 println(General.random(1, 200));


USA EDIT: The algorithm has been updated to remove any emotional flaws from when it was first written.

Edited by Usa

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