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What RS3 Scripts are People Making?

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I'm thinking of making an AIO fisher. What is everyone else going to make?



  • AIO Fisher - Released
  • Cooker - Released
  • Tanner - Released


  • AIO Miner - Released


  • AIO Woodcutter (Magic Chopping complete)


  • Wallasalkis


  • Bonfire
  • Divination - Released


  • Astral Crafter - Mostly completed
  • Nature Crafter


  • AIO Miner - Released
  • Agility

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Well, I finally got my account back thanks to old transaction information. My god, it took forever.

Anyway. It looks like there is some membership left on the account from the ass who stole it from me so I'm gonna try to take advantage of that and write a script. Maybe a nat crafter, idk.

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I think I'm gonna start work on an exiled kalphite killer, since I've heard chitin shards can be 500k per inv. I'm gonna play around in there legitimately and see how many people there are/how hard it will be for the script to run advanced combat maneuvers. I'll probably write a quick cow killer to get the used to the API again and see how the combat system will work out.

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