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[ABCL10][ABC2] USA Agility (Rooftops & Normal Courses) - Fastest Agility Script TRiBot has to offer!

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Ok, now I've tried it in Varrock.


No luck. 'Failed to cross clothes line' and then just keeps clicking off the building after re-centering the camera.

If I'm not able to get a 'fix' can I have my credits back so I can purchase a script that works on rooftops?



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Ok Update number 3,


The bot works at Varrock if I do the first obstacle. 

However, I then also need to do the second gap manually too.

It just doesn't move to the right location. 


Then at the end, it runs over beside the cages and just runs rings around them. Failing to find the wall.


Edited by Khazba

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It works fine so far on Canfis.

Other than the last building where it has a very robotic movement. It runs half way across the building, always to the same corner. Then moves to the obstacle. Why not just straight to the obstacle? Its clickable from the previous one.


(I know nothing about the coding) :D Seems' simple to me :P


Also, again. The wait times on the ABC2 (While I love the idea), isn't 15 secs too much? :D



When the bot falls on the last obstacle, it just runs around in circles in the centre of Canfis. It doesn't restart the course.




Edited by Khazba

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53 minutes ago, Khazba said:

Ill uninstall it all again and try from scratch.


I was running in fixed.



If you look at this, plenty of people have been using the past few days. My guess is completely user-related.


Ensure you are reading what everyone is saying here and ensuring your settings are correct.

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19 hours ago, Khazba said:




I've already checked my settings. But like I said. Ill uninstall it all and start from scratch. Checking each setting again.



@Khazba use the @ symbol to tag users and get their attention to specific posts in a thread.

Canifis contains actual GAME bugs, outside of the script. The falling animation continues even after your player misses an obstacle making it seem like your player is still attempting an obstacle. I would recommend using another course.

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@UsaOk, so Ive been using the bot for a few hours. The canfis rooftops runs smoothly. 

I had to re-install and delete Jagex Cache to get it to work. But its working now.
However, when it drops between the general store and the clothing store, it just stands there. 
It doesn't run back to the start, this seems to be the only fall that breaks it.|


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Just an update for anyone else looking to purchase this.

I'm not sure when this was last updated, but its definitely not 100% afkable. 

The courses I have tested;

Draynor - Works great, pickes up all the Marks of Grace.

Al'Kharid - Works ok, but need manual input on the 3rd obstacle. (Looks very bot like when it runs to the same spot, midway across the roof.)

Varrock - Got stuck at several points, had to do this manually. 

Canfis - Runs the course well in the client, not so well in LG. (Not sure why)

- The script does not handle falls well. There are several points where if you fall it will just stand there. (4th obstacle)

- The last obstacle will result in your bot running circles in the centre of Canfis for a good few minutes. Looks pretty bad tbh.


There is a lack of communication/advice/reassurances from the script writer. Despite being tagged in comments and having been online since the tag.


I cannot speak for other courses such as barb assault etc. Nor can I speak for the higher level courses such as Seers. As I have not managed to get that far with the bot. 

The clicks are all in the same locations, no randomization, other than the reaction time. Which can be excessive. 

Might I suggest that some of the locations are revised and maybe add some randomization into the clicking patterns. 


If changes are made, I will consider purchasing this again. But until then I will avoid as I cannot trust it enough to afk. 


On a side note, I have not received a ban. (Yet)



Edit : I ran Falador with ABC2 off. This seemed to work?

I've also restarted my PC and Falador is working now... quite possibly been a glitch in the client?

I'll leave the above for now and let it run for an hour. I'll remove the Falador section above if necessary.


Edit2: I've removed the Falador issue.

After a few restarts it seemed to run perfectly. Not sure what the problem was there.

Edited by Khazba

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wish i could get my money back. script appears broken and very buggy. (especially at canifis) have to babysit it at all times no chance for runnning it afk. Not happy having being sold into a so called "premium" script when its as buggy as a free script i could have found myself and saved the money. buy at your own risk.

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