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Okokokok's Scripter Application [Scripts partially updated 16-12-2013]

Script Writer status Okokokok  

  1. 1. Should I have Script Writer status?

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At this very moment I've updated the following scripts: 

- ok_miningGuilder;

- ok_Planker;

- ok_Potato.


The rest will be updated later today or tomorrow when I find some spare time.

I'm still experiencing problems with the scripts when I remove the "redundant randoms and pausing code". Therefore I haven't removed those.


Edit 2:

I've just noticed that I've not implemented all the feedback in the scripts above. This will be done around the same time when I update the other scripts.




1) Snipplets:

At the moment I don't have any snipplets released. I do have plans to release a snipplet containing all the the important and most-used areas in RS (Banks, etc.) in a format where the user can easily import these areas.


2) Tutorials:

I haven't written any tutorials. This is because I feel that the tutorial section is pretty complete. I do have an idea for a tutorial though and might write it in the coming weeks.


3) Randoms/updates submitted:

I haven't submitted any random solvers/updates.


4) Scripts available to the public:

At the moment I have 4 scripts available to the public. These scripts are the following:

ok_Potato: [old version] http://pastebin.com/A9ZqAdBT

                  [new version] http://pastebin.com/hwcax0dC


ok_MiningGuilder: [old version] http://pastebin.com/21eiuwCa

                             [new version] http://pastebin.com/Ac5zxwBy


ok_SpiderEgg: http://pastebin.com/cRNxsRzY


ok_Planker: [old version] http://pastebin.com/KuaXJ8CW

                    [new version] http://pastebin.com/pyXwaJm6


Scripts that will be available shortly in an AIO format:

This is in an spoiler format since I don't know if I can use these scripts for the application.

ok_StarterCombat: http://pastebin.com/QhqhJDiL


ok_StarterThiever: http://pastebin.com/NH17DfBp


ok_StarterFisher: http://pastebin.com/v4K4TZtX


ok_StarterMiner: http://pastebin.com/CQPu2uMF


ok_StarterWoodcutter: http://pastebin.com/EHYAJWp3


5) Short biography / Coding Experience:

I'm Luke from the Netherlands and I'm 20 years old. In my daily life I study and work. I study Business Engineering. Like almost any other 20 year old I like to party, hang out with friends and so on. Ofcourse I also like to script and I love to keep learning about programming.


Now that we've dealt with the usual, I'll tell a little bit about my coding experience. I started scripting around 1,5 years ago. I started out with Simba and learned Pascal. Although I've never really released any scripts on Simba, I have a few private scripts. When the EOC came, I took a break from scripting and everything runescape related. Later on when 07 was back, I started scripting on Simba again. After a little while I came to TriBot and ofcourse here I was interested in scripting. So I learned Java and after that I started learning the TriBot API.


I have no further coding experience, since it doesn't correspond with my study. Also I'm eager to learn, so if you have any commentary please don't hold back.


6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter:

I've been part of this community for a short while now. In that short while I've written 4 scripts open to the public (the fifth, ok_OreBuyer, is going to be re-written). I also keep updating the script with a better code when I've learned something new. In this period of time I've not only provided the community with a few scripts. I also try to help anyone I can.


7) What you plan to provide the community with:

Even if I don't get the Scripter Rank plan to provide the community with at least one snipplet, one tutorial and a lot more scripts. I have some serious ideas for free scripts and maybe a few premium scripts. I will also provide the community with help whenever I can.


8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community?

Yes definitely.


9) Do you agree to follow the terms found here if you ever release a premium script?

Yes definitely.


EDIT replies:



Thanks for your feedback! Will definitely use it.



Also thanks for your feedback!

I do have one question though.


I've implemented the randomevents and pausing, because I noticed that often when a random happens and the script isn't paused the states will mess up and return the "null" or in my case the "LOGING_OUT" state. Thus I decided to pause the script whenever a random happens. Now my question is: How would I prevent this from happening? Maybe take out the pausing part and set paused true on "onRandom()" and false on the others and then return a state like "SOLVING_RANDOM". In this state I would wait untill paused is false.



Changed definitely :P

Ok thanks for the feedback and I'll get a moderator to add one. I thought the poll was missing because I wasn't supposed see it orso xd

Edited by okokokok

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Well organized, though some of your methods could use improvement:

public boolean logout() {

if (Login.getLoginState() == Login.STATE.INGAME)



for(int x = 0; x < 6; x++)




return true;





return false;


Why not have a while loop, or even a timing condition?

In addition, most if your array checks are checking the length and that it's not null. As I'm sure assume will famously point out, it will only return a blank array :P

I'll edit this post when I have more time to review the other files. Will wait to vote for now.


Sorry, on my mobile or this would have been more organized of a post.

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1. Try to make your code more readable, it's very messy at times for example your getState method


2. Work on your subroutine naming. For example "noArea" doesn't explain what the subroutine is doing.


3. I did notice that there is alot of redundant code in your scripts. So go back and think about what's totally necessary. 


I'll give you some examples I noticed : super.setRandomSolverState(true);


This is set to true by default, so there's no need to set it to true before your main loop.

        @        Override         public void onRandom(RANDOM_SOLVERS arg0) {            paused = true;         }         @        Override         public boolean randomFailed(RANDOM_SOLVERS arg0) {            paused = false;            return false;        }         @        Override         public void randomSolved(RANDOM_SOLVERS arg0) {            paused = false;         }         @        Override         public void onPause() {            paused = true;             while (paused) {                sleep(100, 200);            }         }         @        Override         public void onResume() {            paused = false;         }

There is no need for this.



Overall I'm going to say yes, it seems you've grasped scripting quite well. 

Edited by Druid

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Your code looks pretty good, and if you follow most of what the scriptwriters above me have to say, then it's a yes.

Edited by Mute

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I agree with the comments above that you have understood the concepts of Scripting and put out some Scripts up on the Repository that are seeing action.


For the feedback above and your progress, congratulations you are accepted ;)

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