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TRiBot Bot Control Panel - Notifications

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Hello TRiBot users,


Today, we are proud to release our notifications system for TRiBot, a component of the Bot Control Panel. With our notifications system, users are able to receive emails (or even texts) from TRiBot upon script end; and random event start, success, and failure.


If users wish to receive notifications as text, they must use their carrier's email-to-SMS gateway. This page contains a list of gateways. Example: number@txt.att.net or number@msg.telus.com.


Notification settings can be changed at: https://tribot.org/botpanel/index.php/settings/


This feature is available for VIP Extended users only.



TRiBot Staff

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I love this update because I can use it when I'm at college, however a lot of the scripts require you to click through GUI to set-up so it doesn't work as well. I know it'll be hard to make but if it's possible, make it so you can access the client from another computer so you can configure the GUI and press start, the 2 scripts i only use is USA Agility & USA Abys Runecrafter so it's impossible for me to restart them in college.

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