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  • [14:53:50] Starting client.
  • [14:55:38] Downloading script 'BrMagicPro'.
  • [14:55:42] Script Started: BrMagicPro.
  • [14:55:52] Banking: false Spell: HIGH_ALCHEMY Bar: null Cast Items: [63]
  • [14:55:52] next: 63
  • [14:55:52] New List: [63]
  • [14:55:52] Current Cast Item Set [Method: logicLoop()]: 63
  • [15:01:13] next: 63
  • [15:01:13] New List: []
  • [15:01:14] Script ordered to shutdown. Please check debug for information.
  • [15:01:14] Script Ended: BrMagicPro.

with out randoms it stills doing it no freezing as of yet

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Well if it helps Trillz the freezing error wasn't an issue before today, I woke up and the new download (11) is causing the freezes. 


Something you've done differently may affected the stability of the client somehow but I am not sure how because well... I have no idea what the fuck you did or how to even go about doing it my self. Times like this I wish I knew how to program like you but I guess that's why we pay you for your skills in the development area like many others. I hope you find a solution quick and with out much headache. 


Thanks again for your time man let us know when you think you've taken care of the problem we'll be constantly checking  this thread for more feed back when it becomes readily available. :) 

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