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[VIDEO] A quick video guide on how to use the TriBot break handler!

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Check it out here:



Enjoy, and happy botting!



Care to please add this snippit into the OPs for your all of your scripts so your users know how to use it too?!


Check out this quick video on how to setup and use the TriBot break handler here:http://youtu.be/7oPvf7nsC

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I think I know what you're asking but I'm not 100 percent sure, can you explain this in more detail please.

Instead of having just one break that repeats, having varying breaks that run After different times, and have different break times.

< break for 30m w/ randomness of 5m after runtime of 2h w/ randomness of 30m


< break for 10h w/ randomness of 2h after runtime of 10h w/ randomness of 3h

Best example I can give is cases in Pascal.

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Hi im new to tribot, and am testing out this break handler, i think i understand it but im not 100% sure, would this work for continuous botting?


Time: 16:00:00 +- 1:00:00     Duration: 7:00:00 +- 2:00:00

Time:   4:00:00 +- 1:30:00     Duration: 1:00:00 +- 0:45:00

Time:   1:00:00 +- 0:15:00     Duration: 0:13:00 +- 0:05:00

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the break handler makes sense, but simply wont work right. i set a 45 minute break with 15 minutes in the random... it alwayyyyys takes a 1 hour 50 minute break to a 2 hours 30 minute break. ive triple checked and re saved it, even made a new break handler with the same work/break time and still takes wayy longer of a break then i desire.....

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