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TRiBot Bot Control Panel

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We are pleased to announce the release of the TRiBot Bot Control Panel. The TRiBot Bot Control Panel is a user-web-interface which allows users to control their TRiBot clients via a web browser.




Users are able to see how many clients they have open and what scripts are running on those clients. Users also have the ability to start scripts, stop scripts, re-run scripts, and request a client image within the TRiBot Bot Control Panel.


This feature will be free for the next 7 days. The cost of the feature afterwards will be released at a later time (although it's only a small fee).


The TRiBot Bot Control Panel can be found here: https://tribot.org/botpanel/index.php




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Btw, have you thought about actually remote controlling the client? It'd be fairly straight forward to present the screen capture on an element that'll capture a mouse click position, send it over and have tribot click at that position...


Or hotkey menu navigation/injection.

I use an autoIT script to navigate my clients remotely already. Had screenshots sending via email, but conceptually this would work just as well if there were dedicated injection ports.


Also if this could implement the use of local email to external email, things would be nicely robust  ;)

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