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TRiBot Beta 8.03_0

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Yh seems like object bounds/area is shifted also(visually for example door ID is in the ground, it used to be center of the door)

Using this and will get out of bounds error or sometimes it even ignores the door:

	RSObject[] object = Objects.findNearest(distance, objects);		if (object != null) {			int x = (int) object[0].getModel().getEnclosedArea().getBounds()					.getCenterX();			int y = (int) object[0].getModel().getEnclosedArea().getBounds()					.getCenterY();			Point p = new Point(x + General.random(0, 16), y					+ General.random(0, 4));			if (object[0].getPosition().isOnScreen()) {				Mouse.move(p);				DynamicClicking.clickRSObject(object[0], option);

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