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TRiBot Release 9.111_0 (14/05/14):

  • Slightly decreased memory usage.
  • Fix for "invisible" last item in the bank.


TRiBot Release 9.110_1 (13/05/14):

  • Improved the Al Kharid web.
  • Improved the rate at which TRiBot communicates with the Bot Control Panel.


TRiBot Release 9.110_0 (12/05/14):

  • Inventory dropping delays which are unique to every different botter have been implemented.
  • Banking.openBank() can now open bank chests.
  • Web walking to the duel arena has been fixed.
  • Implemented duel challenge listening to the 07 message listener.


TRiBot Beta 7.42_0 (02/09/13):

  • Pre-loading item definition. In case you are un-aware, item and object definitions are loaded on another thread because it prevents the client from crashing.
  • Updated: RSObjectDefinition API
    • New: getChildrenIDs()
  • New: ThreadSettings API -> Contains methods which can tell the API how to handle certain actions, but only when called from the current thread.
  • Minor bug fixes.


TRiBot Beta 7.41_1 (28/08/13):

  • TRiBot will now modify script bytecode to fix the broken scripts due to the API change.
  • Fixed the excessive login method CPU usage.


TRiBot Beta 7.41_0 (25/08/13):

  • Re-wrote the login method
  • Removed most deprecated API.


TRiBot Beta 7.40_0 (22/08/13):

  • New: Combat API
  • New: Equipment API
  • New: Magic API
  • New: Doors API
  • New: Positionable API interface
    • All objects which you can get a tile position for now implement this interface. Most - if not all - methods which used to accept RSTile now accept Positionable instead.
  • Updated: Skills API
    • Uses enums instead of strings.
  • Updated: Banking API
    • Bank item finding by name.
    • New: openBank() -> Opens the bank by either RSObject or RSNPC. Will use PathFinding.aStarWalk(..) if the bank is not on the screen.
  • Updated: RSNPC API
    • New: getActions()
  • Updated: Frog Cave random solver.
  • Fixed: RSArea
  • Forced item definition loading.


TRiBot Beta 7.31_0 (14/08/13):

  • More CPU efficient.
  • Random detection engine has been made more efficient.


TRiBot Beta 7.30_0 (13/08/13):

  • New: Client tabbing support.
  • Updated: Appendage random solver.
  • Fixed: Linux VPS bug.


TRiBot Beta 7.20_0 (12/08/13):

  • New mouse movement path generator.
  • DynamicMouse and DynamicClicking are now much faster.
  • Updated: RSArea API
    • New: getRandomTile() <- gets a random tile within the area.
  • Updated: Maze random solver.


TRiBot Beta 7.12_0 (11/08/13):

  • Fixed: small memory leak.
  • Updated: Web Walker -> Added support for the desert.
  • New: RSArea API


TRiBot Beta 7.11_1 (10/08/13):

  • Fixed: Model grabbing bug.
  • Updated: Freaky Forester -> fixed a bug that sometimes occurs.


TRiBot Beta 7.11_0 (10/08/13):

  • New data caching system.


TRiBot Beta 7.10_1 (10/08/13):

  • Fxied: Timing.waitChooseOption(..)


TRiBot Beta 7.10_0 (08/08/13):

  • New: Advanced Break Handler
  • Updated: Maze random solver
  • Fixed: Minimap projection bug.


TRiBot Beta 7.03_0 (05/08/13):

  • Improved CPU optimization.
    • i.e. Minimizing TRiBot will decrease CPU usage.
  • Updated Bee Keeper random solver.
  • Decreased Auto Responder response rate.


TRiBot Beta 7.02_0 (04/08/13):

  • New: RSItemDefinition API


TRiBot Beta 7.01_0 (04/08/13):

  • Upgraded the debug boxes.


TRiBot Beta 7.00_0 (02/08/13):

  • New: WebWalking API -> Web walker.
  • New: Built-in Auto Responder
  • New: MessageListener API -> Ability to create and use multiple MessageListener07 instances. The message listener was also re-written.


TRiBot Beta 6.11_0 (01/08/13):

  • Updated Maze random solver.

TRiBot Beta 6.10_0 (01/08/13):

  • Fixed Bot Setup/world selector.
  • Updated Maze random solver.
  • Updated Miles/Jiles/Niles random solver.
  • Added "Combat Random" random solver.
  • All random solvers will now click "Cancel" if an item is selected.
  • Updated: PathFinding API
    • New: generatePath(..) -> Generates a tile-by-tile path from the start tile to the end tile using dijkstra's formula.
    • Updated: canReach(..) -> Bug fixes.
    • New: distanceTo(..) -> Gets the path length of the shortest path from your player's tile to the end tile.
    • New: distanceBetween(..) -> Gets the path length of the shortest path from the start tile to the end tile.
  • Updated: RSObject API
    • Updated: getDefinition() -> Forces the object definition to be loaded if it hasn't been loaded already.
  • Updated: RSObjectDefinition API
    • New: getModelIDs() -> Gets the defined model IDs.

TRiBot Beta 6.00_1 (30/07/13):

  • Bug fixes.

TRiBot Beta 6.00_0 (30/07/13):

  • Re-written client loading system along with top-level structure.
  • Updated Pillory random solver.
  • Updated Mordaut random solver.
  • Updated ScapeRune random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.71_0 (25/07/13):

  • Updated Molly random solver.
  • Updated Freaky Forester random solver.
  • Updated Mordaut random solver.
  • Updated ScapeRune random solver.
  • Turned off Appendage random detector until it is fixed.

TRiBot Beta 5.70_0 (24/07/13):

  • Includes support for the TRiBot Repository.
  • Updated ScapeRune random solver.
  • Updated Molly random detector.
  • Updated Maze random detector.

TRiBot Beta 5.62_3 (19/07/13):

  • Updated Pinball random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.62_2 (17/07/13):

  • Updated Freaky Forester random solver -> Correct portal ID is now in use.
  • Updated Constants.bankBooth -> All current bank booth IDs are now listed here. Any scripts which use this array are now using all current bank booth IDs.

TRiBot Beta 5.62_1 (12/07/13):

  • Updated: Freaky Forester random solver -> Exiting should now be working.
  • Updated: Maze random solver -> Fixes the changes in gate IDs.
  • Updated: Banking.openBankBooth() -> Bug fix.
  • Updated: Bot Setup/"New Client (World Select)" -> Works again.

TRiBot Beta 5.62_0 (12/07/13):

  • Updated: Maze random solver.
  • Updated: Banking.openBankBanker() -> Now uses NPC names.
  • Updated: Banking.openBankBooth() -> Now uses object names.
  • Updated: Script class loaders -> Bug fixes.
  • New: Improved model grabbing system. I'm about 95% certain this will fix the client crashing bug.

TRiBot Beta 5.61_1 (10/07/13):

  • Updated Mime random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.61_0 (10/07/13):

  • Updated: Maze random solver.
  • Updated: Freaky Forester random solver.
  • New: Game.getRunEnergy()
  • New: Options.getRunOn(..)
  • Fixed script class loader bugs.

TRiBot Beta 5.60_2 (07/07/13):

  • Fixed script loader bug.
  • TRiBot now automatically sets random.dat to read-only.

TRiBot Beta 5.60_1 (07/07/13):

  • Fixed potential client bug.

TRiBot Beta 5.60_0 (07/07/13):

  • API Changes:
    • Updated: Banking.inPin(..) -> Fixes pins with leading zeros.
    • Updated: Banking.withdrawItem(..)/RSItem -> Now gets the absolute/accurate position of all items and will scroll to the item if not visible.
    • Updated: Game.getUptext() -> More accurate grabbing of uptext.
    • Updated: Login.login() -> Will no longer type credentials when in game.
    • New: Game.getSelectedItemName() -> Gets the selected item name.
    • New: Game.getSelectedSpellName() -> Gets the selected spell name.
    • New: Game.isRunOn() -> Checks to see whether or not run is on.
    • New: Game.getDestination() -> Gets your character's destination tile.
    • New: Walking.invertPath(..) -> Inverts the specified path.
    • New: Walking.randomizePath(..) -> Randomizes the specified path by the specified amount.
  • Client Changes:
    • New: Uptext Debug
    • New: Random Log Debug -> Will display a count of the random solvers that have failed and/or succeeded.
    • New: Script loading from local zip files.
      • Can load a zip with ending in either ".zip" or ".tribot". Anything ending in ".tribot" should be a zip file containing scripts.
  • Random Changes:
    • New: ScapeRune random solver.
    • New: Appendage random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.53_0 (30/06/13):

  • New: RandomEvents script interface -> gives scripts more control over what happens before and after a random solver runs.
  • New: Ability for scripts to disable select random solvers.
  • Updated: Pinball random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.52_0 (26/06/13):

  • Updated: RSNPC
    • Added: getCombatLevel()
  • Updated: RSPlayer:
    • Added: getCombatLevel()
  • Updated Frog random solver.
  • Updated Molly random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.51_0 (22/06/13):

  • Improved/sped up model projection.
  • Updated Mime random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.50_0 (18/06/13):

  • New: Object Definition API
  • New: RSCharacter.getHealth() and RSCharacter.getMaxHealth()

TRiBot Beta 5.49_2 (17/06/13):

  • Fixed banking bug.
  • Updated Molly random solver.
  • Updated Bee Keeper random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.49_1 (14/06/13):

  • Updated Banking.openBankBooth().
  • Updated Frog random solver.
  • Updated Prison Pete random solver.
  • Updated Molly random solver.
  • Updated Freaky Forester random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.49_0 (06/06/13):

  • Fixed NPC/Object model bug.
  • Fixed Mime random solver.
  • Fixed Maze random solver.
  • Updated Strange Plant random solver.
  • Fixed Login Bot bug.
  • Slowed down Banking.inPin().
  • Added model debugging.

TRiBot Beta 5.48_0 (03/06/13):

  • Fixed client loader bug.
  • Updated Frog random solver.
  • Updated Mordaut random solver.
  • Updated Maze random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.47_2 (31/05/13):

  • Updated Miles/Giles/Niles random solver.
  • Updated Molly random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.47_1 (30/05/13):

  • Updated Freaky Forester random solver.
  • Updated Molly random solver.
  • Updated Prison Pete random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.47_0 (30/05/13):

  • Updated Freaky Forester random solver.
  • Updated Frog random solver.
  • Updated Maze random solver.
  • Updated Molly random solver.
  • Updated Prison Pete random solver.
  • Fixed a client loader bug.

TRiBot Beta 5.46_0 (11/05/13):

  • Updated Molly random solver.
  • Updated Freaky Forester random solver.
  • Updated Pirate random solver.
  • Updated Jekyll random solver.
  • Updated Rick Turpentine random solver.
  • Updated Dwarf random solver.
  • Updated Sandwich Lady random solver.
  • Updated Security Guard random solver.
  • Updated Mysterious Old Man random solver.
  • Updated Strange Plant random solver.
  • Updated Mime random solver.
  • Updated Bee Keeper random solver.
  • Updated Mordaut random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.45_0 (07/05/13):

  • Updated Drill Demon random solver.
  • Fixed settings array grabbing.

TRiBot Beta 5.44_1 (06/05/13):

  • Updated Miles/Giles/Niles random solver.
  • Improved DynamicClicking.

TRiBot Beta 5.44_0 (05/05/13):

  • Pinball random solver fixed.
  • Maze random solver supports 2 of the 4 paths.
  • Freaky Forester random solver fixed.
  • Mordaut random solver bug fix.

TRiBot Beta 5.43_0 (03/05/13):

  • Prison Pete random solver fixed.
  • Scape Rune random detection added.
  • Pillory random solver improved.
  • DynamicClicking.clickRSNPC(..) now applies to all instances of RSCharacter.
  • DynamicClicking API now uses npc and object models for clicking.

TRiBot Beta 5.42_0 (30/04/13):

  • Ability to only load local scripts (go to the settings GUI for this).
  • Mime random solver fixed.
  • Account manager bug fixed.

TRiBot Beta 5.41_1 (29/04/13):

  • Fixed Miles random solver.
  • Improved Plant random solver.
  • Fixed Pillory random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.41_0 (27/04/13):

  • Fixed random solver bugs.
  • Added a specific world selector when starting a new client.
  • Model Clicking API bug fix.

TRiBot Beta 5.40_0 (26/04/13):

  • Added old-school model clicking.
  • Updated Pillory random solver.
  • Added miles random solver.
  • Improved client loader.

TRiBot Beta 5.37_0 (19/04/13):

  • Added XP Lamp/Book solver. Skill to choose is in the Account Manager.
  • Added Banking.inPin method.
  • Client loader bug fixes/improvements.

TRiBot Beta 5.36_0 (13/04/13):

  • Multiple random solver fixes.

TRiBot Beta 5.35_0 (11/04/13):

  • Multiple random solver fixes.

TRiBot Beta 5.34_0 (10/04/13):

  • Client bug fixes.
  • Added Freaky Forester random solver.
  • Added Mordaut random solver.

TRiBot Beta 5.33_0 (05/04/13):

  • Banking bug fixes.
  • More noob/leecher friendly script loading system.
  • Client loader bug fixes.

TRiBot Beta 5.23_0 (22/03/13):

  • New: Old-School Message Listener interface.

TRiBot Beta 5.19_0 (19/03/13):

  • Updated: DynamicClicking API -> supports old-school API
  • Random solvers.

TRiBot Beta 5.17_0 (17/03/13):

  • New: Old-School GoundItems API
  • Fixed RSObject bug.

TRiBot Beta 5.16_0 (17/03/13):

  • Bug fixes.

TRiBot Beta 5.15_0 (16/03/13):

  • Random solvers.

TRiBot Beta 5.14_0 (16/03/13):

  • Random solvers.

TRiBot Beta 5.13_0 (16/03/13):

  • Random solvers.

TRiBot Beta 5.12_0 (16/03/13):

  • Bug fixes.

TRiBot Beta 5.11_0 (15/03/13):

  • New: Old-School NPCChat API
  • Updated: Old-School RSInterface API

TRiBot Beta 5.10_0 (15/03/13):

  • Updated: Old-School Inventory API
  • Updated: Old-School Banking API
  • Updated: Old-School RSCharacter API

TRiBot Beta 5.09_0 (14/03/13):

  • New: Old-School Inventory API
  • New: Old-School Banking API
  • New: Old-School Interfaces API
  • API bug fixes.

TRiBot Beta 5.08_0 (14/03/13):

  • Bug fixes.
  • New: Old-School Skills API
  • New: Old-School Walking API
  • New: Old-School Objects API
  • New: Old-School Object Debugging
  • Updated: Old-School Projection API

TRiBot Beta 4.282_1 (09/02/13):

  • Fixed online jar script loading.
  • Fixed event blocking.
  • Iconified TRiBot instances will stay iconified after restart.

TRiBot Beta 4.281_0 (30/01/13):

  • Introduced major script security.
  • Fixed client loader bug.

TRiBot Beta 4.280_0 (29/01/13):

  • Updated: Player API
    • New: getAnimation()
  • Improved EGW (should be 100% accurate most the of time).
  • Updated: EGW API
    • New: getFloor()

TRiBot Beta 4.260_0 (24/01/13):

  • TRiBot built-in firewall.

TRiBot Beta 4.250_0 (23/01/13):

  • Released Store Developer Panel.

TRiBot Beta 4.244_0 (21/01/13):

  • All languages for client loading.
  • Updated: EGW API
  • Bug fixes.
  • VIP features.

TRiBot Beta 4.242_0 (03/01/13):

  • Lower CPU usage.
  • Lower RAM usage.

TRiBot Beta 4.241_0 (01/01/13):

  • Revamped the world selector.

TRiBot Beta 4.240_0 (01/01/13):

  • Fixed input blocker.
  • TOGL bug fixes / performance improvements.
  • Less colour methods and more TOGL being used in the API.
  • Texture Tool to display texture CRC32s.
  • Fixed magnifier bug.
  • Fixed mouse positions debugging bug.
  • Fixed function key pressing.
  • GameTab now uses function keys to switch tabs.
  • Updated: Banking API
  • New: Combat API
  • New: Chat API
  • Re-implemented the message listener.

TRiBot Beta 4.221_0 (14/12/12):

  • Ability to load German client.
  • New item ID system.

TRiBot Beta 4.220_0 (07/12/12):

  • HTTPS/SSL connections to both RuneScape and TRiBot servers.
  • More security.
  • TRiBot Store improvements.

TRiBot Beta 4.212_0 (01/12/12):

  • Added 'Preferred World' to Account Manager.
  • Login world selecting bug fix.

TRiBot Beta 4.211_0 (30/11/12):

  • Updated all clicking API to be able to select an option from a list of desired options, instead of just one option.

TRiBot Beta 4.210_0 (24/11/12):

  • New: DynamicClicking API -> Clicks dynamic points.
  • New: Texture Tool (Tools->Texture Tool)
  • Updated: Login API -> Bug fix, email prompt handler

TRiBot Beta 4.200_2 (21/11/12):

  • EGW/TPS precision improvement.
  • ScreenModel bug fix.
  • EGW position debugging.
  • Minimap.getFlagPosition() bug fix.

TRiBot Beta 4.200_0 (19/11/12):

  • New: Restarter API
  • New: Login API
  • Updated: Banking API
  • Addition: inPin() -> inputs your bank pin.

TRiBot Beta 4.106_0 (14/11/12):

  • Evolution of Combat support.
  • Convex hull clicking for screen models.
  • New: ConvexHull API
  • Updated: Clicking API
  • useConvexHull -> true to use the Convex Hull algorithm for screen model clicking. True by default.

TRiBot Beta 4.105_0 (09/11/12):

  • Option to disable screen model drawing.

TRiBot Beta 4.104_0 (09/11/12):

  • Option to open a store script item on startup.

TRiBot Beta 4.103_0 (05/11/12):

  • TRiBot Store changes.

TRiBot Beta 4.102_0 (02/11/12):

  • Updated: EGW API
  • Addition: clickPositionMM(..) -> clicks on the position in the minimap. Has the ability to click a moving position (if your character is moving).
  • Addition: walkPath(..) -> walks a path using EGW.clickPositionMM(). Will start from the last visible position deepest in the path array.

TRiBot Beta 4.101_0 (23/10/12):

  • Option to run lite mode on startup.
  • Option to load TPS on startup.

TRiBot Beta 4.100_1 (20/10/12):

  • TPS/TOGL bug fixes.
  • EGW improvements.

TRiBot Beta 4.100_0 (19/10/12):

  • Project Emperor Goose [walking]

TRiBot Beta 4.10_0 (18/10/12):

  • Bug fixes.
  • TPS memory usage improvements.

TRiBot Beta 4.00_1 (13/10/12):

  • TPS bug fixes.

TRiBot Beta 4.00_0 (12/10/12):

  • New: CPUOptimization API
    • Addition: setFrameSleep(..) -> sets the sleep time after every frame is drawn.
    • Addition: setScreenModelCaptureMode(..) -> sets the mode for capturing screen model points.
    • Addition: addScreenModelCapture(..) -> allows for screen model points for the specified model (by ID) to be captured when in mode '1'.
    • Addition: removeScreenModelCapture(..) -> disallows screen model points being captured for the specified model (by ID) when in mode '1'.
    • Addition: removeAllScreenModelCapture() -> disallows screen model points being captured for the all models when in mode '1'.
  • Updated: NPCChat API
    • Bug fixes.
  • New: Skills API
  • Updated: Inventory API
    • New: isFull() -> checks to see whether or not the inventory is full.
  • Updated: TPS API
    • New: blindWalkTo(..) -> walks in a straight line towards a specified position.
  • Updated: TOGL ... version 2
  • The "Paintable Display" has been made a lot more efficient.
  • MD5 Hash Checking
  • Improved TPS

TRiBot Beta 3.111_0 (26/08/12):

  • TPS map has been updated (most of left members area).

TRiBot Beta 3.110_2 (25/08/12):

  • Updated: Minimap API
  • Fixed: getFlagPos()

TRiBot Beta 3.110_1 (25/08/12):

  • Bug fixes.

TRiBot Beta 3.110_0 (24/08/12):

  • Bug fixes.
  • Noob-friendly warning messages.
  • New: Clickable API
    • Addition: click(..) -> clicks a Clickable entity while choosing the desired option.
    • Addition: clickAll(..) -> clicks an array of Clickable entities while choosing the specified option.
  • Updated: MinimapIcon API
    • Addition: click(..) -> clicks the icon.
  • New: Clickable API Interface
  • Updated: Minimap API
    • Addition: isOnMinimap(..) -> checks to see whether or not a point is located on the minimap.
  • Updated: DTM API
    • Addition: click(..) -> clicks the DTM.
    • Addition: clickArea(..) -> clicks a point within the rectangular DTM area.
  • New: Textures API
  • New: Texture API

TRiBot Beta 3.100_0 (13/08/12):

  • New: TPS API
    • Addition: getRelativePosition() -> gets your position relative to the centre of the drawn minimap area.
    • Addition: getBasePosition() -> gets the position of the start of the minimap area.
    • Addition: getPosition() -> gets your position.
    • Addition: MMToPos(..) -> converts a minimap point to a position.
    • Addition: posToMM(..) -> converts a position to a minimap point.
    • Addition: walkTo(..) -> walks to the specified position.
  • Updated: ScreenModels API
    • Addition: sortByDistance(..) -> sorts an array of ScreenModels by distance to the specified point.
    • Addition: findNearest(..) -> like find(..), but with sorting by their distance to the centre of the screen.
  • Updated: ScreenModel API
    • Addition: hover() -> moves the mouse over the ScreenModel.
  • TOGL / ScreenModel improvements.

TRiBot Beta 3.90_1 (06/08/12):

  • TRiBot Store script loader bug fix.

TRiBot Beta 3.90_0 (06/08/12):

  • Updated: ScreenModel API
    • Addition: click(..) -> a clicking method for screen models.
    • Addition: getVisiblePoints() -> gets the points which are visible in the viewport.
  • Updated: Mouse API
    • Addition: click(int button) -> easier for on the spot clicking.
  • New font compatibility for TOGL text reading.
  • Added constant values to Constants.
  • New: NPCChat API
    • Addition: getName() -> gets the speaker's name.
    • Addition: getMessage() -> gets the speaker's message.
    • Addition: clickContinue(..) -> clicks the continue button.
    • Addition: getOptions() -> gets the "Select an Option" options.
    • Addition: selectOption(..) -> selects a "Select and Option" option.
  • Updated: Screen API
    • Addition: getViewport() -> gets the viewport area.
    • Addition: isInViewport(..) -> checks to see whether or not a point is visible in the viewport.
  • Updated: Game API
    • Addition: getHitpoints() -> gets your current hitpoints.
    • Addition: getPrayerPoints() -> gets your current prayer points.
    • Addition: getEnergy() -> gets your current run energy.
    • Addition: getSummoningPoints() -> gets your current summoning points.
    • Addition: isRunModeOn() -> checks to see whether or not run mode is active.
    • Addition: setRunMode(..) -> sets the run mode.
  • Multi-threaded "New Client" loading.
  • Fixed debug tab flashing.
  • New TRiBot Store category: "Tools".
  • Quick Jump for TRiBot Store: Filter "&id=x".
  • Ability to capture all points of a screen model.
  • Updated: ScreenModels API
    • Addition: addCaptureModelPoints(..) -> sets TOGL to capture all of the model points whose ID matches the specified ID.
    • Addition: removeCaptureModelPoints(..) -> sets TOGL to stop capturing all of the model points whose ID matches the specified ID.

TRiBot Beta 3.82_1 (28/07/12):

  • Changed TRiBot Loader memory limit field range (fixes OpenGL issues).
  • New 'Console Mode' available for the TRiBot Loader.

TRiBot Beta 3.82_0 (26/07/12):

  • Updated TOGL... may fix some screen model bugs.
  • Updated: Timing API
    • Addition: waitMenuOpen(..) -> waits for the choose option menu to open.
    • Addition: waitChooseOption(..) -> waits for a menu option to exist, then clicks it.
  • Updated: Minimap API
    • Addition: getRGBData() -> gets the RGB data of the 512x512 cached minimap image.
  • Other bug fixes.

TRiBot Beta 3.81_2 (17/07/12):

  • Fixed minimap flag finding bug.

TRiBot Beta 3.81_1 (17/07/12):

  • Fixed rotated DTM finding bug.

TRiBot Beta 3.81_0 (12/07/12):

  • Bugs resulting from the new game update have been fixed.
  • Slight re-calibration of the screen model point projection.
  • Basic detection of the VC++ runtime (should also fix instant crashing for those who don't read the requirements).

TRiBot Beta 3.80_1 (05/07/12):

  • Java 7 compatible.
  • Fixed some inventory/bank item getting bugs.

TRiBot Beta 3.80_0 (04/07/12):

  • Updated: Minimap API
    • Improved: getRotationAngle() -> deadly accurate.
    • Addition: getArea() -> gets the area of the minimap.
    • Addition: getFlagPos() -> gets the position of the flag.
  • New: Player API
    • Addition: isMoving() -> returns whether or not your player is moving.

TRiBot Beta 3.70_1 (01/07/12):

  • Fixed ChooseOption bugs and Bank.isBankScreenOpen() bugs.

TRiBot Beta 3.70_0 (29/06/12):

  • Resource leakage fixes.
  • ChooseOption API addition (re-coding of previous methods plus more methods).
  • API structure has been changed.

TRiBot Beta 3.60_1 (27/06/12):

  • NPE fixes.
  • "Copy to Clipboard" menu item added to debug tab clicking.

TRiBot Beta 3.60_0 (27/06/12):

  • Minimap API addition.
    • Minimap icon recognition.
  • Fixed inventory/bank item ID bug ... results in new IDs

TRiBot Beta 3.51_1 (26/06/12):

  • Native crashing fixed.
  • NPE bug fixes (?).

TRiBot Beta 3.51_0 (26/06/12):

  • Rotated DTMs.
  • NPE bug fixes.

TRiBot Beta 3.50_0 (23/06/12):

  • Banking API addition.
  • GeneralItems API addition.
  • Easy bank/inventory item finding by DTM.
  • Fixed a major colour grabbing bug.
  • Ability to capture all of the screen's pixels at once.

TRiBot Beta 3.41_0 (17/06/12):

  • Added 'My Scripts' category to the TRiBot Store.
  • Added 'View in Store' button to the script selector.

TRiBot Beta 3.40_1 (15/06/12):

  • Display bug fix.
  • New welcome panel button.

TRiBot Beta 3.40_0 (15/06/12):

  • The TRiBot Store is back and improved.
  • Colour finding bug fix.
  • Compass rotation angle grabbing method.

TRiBot Beta 3.30_0 (10/06/12):

  • Better TOGL installation error handling.
  • Welcome screen re-coded (for the third time and final time :P).
  • Debug added to the welcome screen.
  • Fixed pop-up menu upon right clicking debug tabs.
  • Simpler DTM finding method.
  • Changing where Screen.getColourAt(Point p) gets its colour data from.

TRiBot Beta 3.21_0 (22/05/12):

  • Added more flexible script loading.
  • Added base point grabbing for screen models (ScreenModel.base_point).
  • Added a screen model ID collection tool.

TRiBot Beta 3.20_0 (17/05/12):

  • GameTab API addition.
  • Mouse API expansion.
  • InventoryItem API expansion.
  • Timing API expansion.
  • Screen API expansion.
  • Ease of access 'Re-run Script' button.

TRiBot Beta 3.10_1 (07/05/12):

  • Bug fixes.
  • DTM API changes.
  • Screen API additions.

TRiBot Beta 3.10_0 (07/05/12):

  • DTM finding.

TRiBot Beta 3.00_5 (06/05/12):

  • TRiBot uses the alternative client loader if the main one fails.

TRiBot Beta 3.00_4 (06/05/12):

  • Fixed ScreenModel finding bug (created within the last hour :P).
  • Less spam to the togl log.

TRiBot Beta 3.00_3 (06/05/12):

  • Fixed a TOGL installation bug.
  • Fixed a - TRiBot Loader - bug which sometimes stopped the client from running in OpenGL mode.

TRiBot Beta 3.00_2 (06/05/12):

  • Easier to boot TRiBot via alternative methods.
  • Uses a policy file to hopefully fix access denied errors.
  • Added SID validation timeout at startup.

TRiBot Beta 3.00_1 (03/05/12):

  • Fixed ScreenModel finding parameter bug.
  • Fixed TRiBot session saving.

TRiBot Beta 3.00_0 (18/04/12):

  • Equipped TOGL
  • New API
  • Removed the option to show the script editor/bot overview/tribot store
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  • Our picks

    • This release will:

      Add LG support for Runelite

      Fix NPCChat issues

      Fix a bug where the camera angle setter would just hold down a key for 5 seconds (the timeout)

      Slightly adjust the rotation via keys to be more accurate

      Add the ability for asynchronous camera movement via keys

      Make Camera rotation via mouse more fluid, with more antiban, and work much better in resizable mode

      Add a "Camera#setCamera" method, allowing the rotation and angle to be set in parallel

      Increase the likelihood of using the mouse for camera movements

      Add support for adjusting the camera to positionable entities (Positionable#adjustCameraTo)

      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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      • 43 replies
    • This update will:

      Allow for clicking through the chat box when possible (Thanks @Todd)

      Fix Combat#selectIndex (Thanks @Encoded)

      Ensure worlds stay sorted and added a check to avoid misclicks in the in-game world hopper (Thanks @erickho123)

      Fix out-dated Options API interface indices (Thanks @Todd)

      Upcoming updates:

      Break handler bug fix

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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      • 12 replies
    • This release will:

      Fix login bot after today's game update (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Fix latest in-game world hopping issues (Thanks @erickho123)

      Compact Settings UI and set location relative to TRiBot (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Fix an older implementation of GrandExchange#getWindowState (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Improve the preformance of NPCChat by only searching in certain interface parents (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Upcoming updates:

      Break handler bug fix

      Improved CLI support

      LG support for RuneLite

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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      • 16 replies
    • This release will:

      Fix bytecode manipulation in order to prevent the modification of parameters within the Filter and Condition classes themselves (thanks @wastedbro)

      Fix NPE caused by non-null value in GE API (thanks @erickho123)

      Add and fix equals methods for api2007.types (thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Modify Mouse#leaveGame to make the mouse leave the game from top, left, right, or bottom (thanks @erickho123)

      Add Entrana area to Ships API (thanks @erickho123)

      Fix raid prayers index/settings in Prayer API (thanks @erickho123)

      Upcoming updates:

      Break handler bug fix

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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    • This update will:

      Implement better canvas locking/synchronization mechanism

      Fix small Login API bug

      Remove the requirement for xbooting Java classes

      Use ExecutorService to perform canvas work in parallel

      Add "Account Management" game tab to GameTab API (thanks @Encoded)

      Fix NPCChat#getMessage (thanks @Encoded )

      Fix NPCChat#selectOption (thanks @Encoded )

      Fix Banking API after today's update (thanks @Encoded )

      Fix in-game world hopper after today's update (thanks @Encoded )

      Upcoming updates:

      Break handler bug fix

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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      • 38 replies
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