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TRiBot Beta 8.02_0

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This update features:

  • New: PathNavigator: This is a new implementation of A* path finding. It performs similar to the way PathFinding.aStarWalk() does. However, PathNavigator is much more efficient, faster, and will even handle doors and gates.
  • Updated: WebWalking:
    • Now uses PathNavigator when traversing off the grid. This means that it will now be able to handle most doors.
    • The web has been expanded into Morytania. Special thanks to Erickho123 for letting me use his account.
  • TRiBot Release 8.02_1: Includes a big change to the way interfaces are internally checked for validity. All problems with interfaces should now cease to exist.
  • TRiBot Release 8.02_3: Fixes an interface bug. Fixes hooks to work with Oct 31's release.
  • TRiBot Release 8.02_6: Fixes hooks to work with Nov 1's release.
  • TRiBot Release 8.02_7: Fixes uptext bug.


Latest WebWalking web image: http://i.imgur.com/ntfgkqj.jpg


Happy Botting,


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