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Repository Transfer Complete

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Attention all users,

It has been roughly 50 days since we announced the introduction of the Repository and the requirement that Scripters must manually add/transfer their previous customers into the new system and all members are required to claim their previous purchases.

This functionality has now been removed.

What does this mean?

If you are requesting to be added to a script you purchased before October, you have missed the month(+) long window of opportunity.

I paid for a lifetime script, why cant I claim it?

The "lifetime duration" ended on 26 OCT when you failed to react during the 2 month window allotted where you were instructed to claim any previously purchased Scripts.

What happens if I chargeback?

It is against the rules and it will be handled like any chargeback in the dispute section if reported by the Scripter.

Note these measures were to ensure a smooth transition from the many loaders/authentication systems that were privately used prior to this point in time. Any scripts purchased in the future off the Repository will be subject to the full duration displayed to you during purchase of that specific product.

Thanks for your patience and commitment to TRiBot during this past month, we appreciate your ability to work with us during this transition in our community.


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But it hasn't even been a full month yet..


I demand a refund.

The Scripters have had the functionality to add users since the 20st of September. 


After the 26th of October, requesting a transfer of a previous Script on the Repository will breach the Terms and Conditions.

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why the hell is this even a thing??? if you once purchased a script that says you will have it for the lifetime hwo can they take it away just because i missed a deadline COME ON. the reason i missed the deadline was because of a bug on YOUR site that wouldnt let me log into my account for weeks and I have proof of this.. this is ridiculous...

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look at that thread


i posted that 30th of october and I have been trying to get back onto this website for weeks prior to that.


i couldnt log in due to a site bug that no one at all was helping me fix until eventually i found a solution to that ended up being pinned in the site bugs section


and now you're telling me that because of your staffs inability to provide decent customer service I have lost all of the scripts I had previously paid for???????


this is ridiculous there has to be a way you can add the scripts i paid for into my repository

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you guys should have automatically just added all the people who purchased the script into the repository thing for the script. I don't understand how this is at all fair to anyone, why is there a deadline for this? so you guys can make more and more money by making us purchase things that we have already purchased once??

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I had problems logging into this website for about 2-4 weeks now and NO ONE helped me let alone replied with advice until i managed to figure the solution out myself which is now pinned in the site bugs section of the website.


now I want to know,


Is it fair that i lose all the scripts i had previously paid for because of a site bug that would not let me log in for weeks that no one helped me with at all?



it is tribot's fault that i wasn't able to access the forum in time to have my premium scripts added to the repository and I demand that they add them now that I finally have gotten my account back with no one's help but my own


someone tell me if i am right or wrong

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