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[$15.00][19H+] Logic Pro (Script Maker) by Assume [Premade Scripts] [100% Customizable] [Super Easy] [Make your own private scripts]

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23 hours ago, Aspiwell said:

That's not very safe then is it?

I wouldn't say so. Antiban isn't that big of a deal then most ppl think. I would recommend buying private script instead of insvesting money to this script. This script can only do bank standing stuff that does not walk / interact with anything just bank and your inv. And private script like this already cost not much. assume is really not the guy who shows "love" to their customers or care about his script. so yh, would NOT recommend buying this script.

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Looks awesome! I got a question about the authentications.

Unlike most people on here (i think), I only run 1 bot/VPS. I have 100 vps servers with 1 bot on each.

Do I need 100 authentications?

If I were to run 1 vps with 3 bots, do I need 1 or 3 authentications?

Lastly, I plan on programming on my main computer (Does not run bots). Do I need an authentication for my main computer also?


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49 minutes ago, killaaaa said:

Do the scripts I make only work while running this script. or can I export them and let my brother use ones I have made?

You can export them and give them to your brother but he must also own the script to run them. 

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On 10/25/2017 at 8:21 AM, Assume said:

You can export them and give them to your brother but he must also own the script to run them. 

Any chance at making it so we can use it in script queues? So instantly load a file by name. Would make it really good for completing small functions in other scripts

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Many years ago I made a mith dragons script with this script. However, the changes made to it have made it 100x harder than it was back then. You used to be able to say walk to x tile (make sure doors open, if not, open it) walk to this tile, climb down ladder etc. only issues was putting in appropriate wait timers. This script is no where near as good. I'll toy around with it more when i get a chance but it doesn't look very good in comparison.

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Is it possible that you can add script arguments OR which would be fine for me - set a Window Title for the GUI?

Currently when you start the script the window does not have a title. If you would add a title i would be able to automate the starting easier and more accurate than now..


Side note: Unequip all gear is broken!



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Made a script for training fletching on an ultimate ironman, just chopping and cutting manually, then dropping. I'm just very concerned on the ban-rate, really. It's very robotic. I have Looking glass and human mouse movements, but the camera never moves or anything, should I try and add camera movements to seem less robotic?

Also, the way I made it has the mouse moving to certain positions on the screen, does the bot go to the very very exact coordinate each time?

To anyone who sees this: It took me about an hour and 30 minutes to completely figure out how it works, but it was kind of fun. I'm pretty average intelligence, however, I think alot of people would find it pretty confusing.

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@Assume Hey have is there a way to trade? I'm trying to make a mule of sorts I'm assuming I would use the move mouse to x,y to have it trade after the trade interface is opened up?

Also, I'm trying to figure out how to get it to work with the bank/ge interface as well to buy a list of items. But it asks for a parent Id. Could you fill me in as to what those are or where I can find what the parent ID would be for those particular interfaces?


~ Dbozz


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