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[$15.00][19H+] Logic Pro (Script Maker) by Assume [Premade Scripts] [100% Customizable] [Super Easy] [Make your own private scripts]

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Logic Pro [Premium Edition]

Logic Pro is the most advanced script ever created. Created by Assume, a co-developer on Combat AIO, Lite and Premium editions. Logic Pro is, and always will be, the most dynamic and customizable script available for Runescape. Are you tired of waiting for someone to write a script for you because you don't know how to program? Don't worry about it with Logic Pro. You can create the script of your dreams using an easy-to-use interface.


Find the Script HERE!


  • 100% customizable to anything you want to do
  • Block based execution system (as close as you can get to actual programming without know how to program!)
  • Unlimited amount conditionals (if statements) per action
  • No predefined conditional/action combinations (You can do whatever you want!)
  • Object support
  • Looting support
  • NPC support
  • Banking support
  • Item Support
  • NPC Chat support
  • Mouse support
  • Right click menu support (what you see when you right click something in Runescape)
  • Webwalking support
  • Walking support
  • Magic support
  • Teleporting support
  • Keyboard support
  • Custom Paint support
  • Save/load and share your custom scripts

Price: $15.00

How to buy:

Option 1: Purchase with credits through the TRiBot repository


Please add me on Skype for support. My Skype name is assume.support


Video of script in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RaIgc4Xwgc






  • Q:How many accounts can I run off one auth?
    A:You can run up to two accounts on a single auth, anything more requires another auth
  • Q:How do I get updates?
    A:Updates are applied automatically every time the script is ran.

Progress and bug reports are appreciated, enjoy!

Terms of Service:
You accept the terms of service by purchasing the service.
Terms of service include, but are not limited to, the TRiBot premium script terms of service found HERE.
By purchasing an authorization code you agree not to share this service among any other individuals. Purchase entails ONE user access.
You may not resell or share an authentication key, if you do so your key may be subject to immediate ban without refund.
Authentication keys are only sent to locations specified in payment details. Failure to specify a location is considered buyers failure.
I may add to or edit my terms at any time, by continuing to use my service you accept these terms.

Find Lite version here: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21359-assumes-script-maker-beta/



Bought this script a few hours after first trying out the free lite version.
In the lite i could only test what i made for 20 minutes, witch was a bit frustrating. (I understand why it has a limit though)
But after messing around with the script for hours i finally began to make progress. 
After seeing what it could do, i decided to buy the full version. And so far no regrets.
I had a few questions, and Assume helped me with them. Great guy, helpful and friendly.
With the script you can make practically anything that is not incredibly complicated as minigames.
It does require a few hours of practice if you want to create something usefull other then simple 1 task preforming scripts.
But once you understand how it works you will never regret the money invested.
Even though you can only run 2 accounts per 15 dollar, you can make and use many different kind of scripts.
(I have no knowledge of scripting or anything java/computer related, and i could figure most of it out on 1 day. You can do the same)

I've worked with assume in the past; he's a quality scripter. If you've ever used AIO combat, you know what kind of quality to expect. I've personally tested this script and I highly recommend it.

This script has unlimited potential.
The only way to make a script without knowledge of Java and API.
I've made a script on it and needless to say, it works perfectly. :shy:

Loved the script since beta that I bought it no hesitation! :) (For anyone on the edge of buying it, do yourself a favor and buy it!)

Just bought this, it's great. With no prior knowledge I was able to create an alcher for PC bank in seconds. Cast high level alchemy, Click on item X with Cast High Level Alchemy, Add sleep timer 2100, execute block for the loop. Working perfect! Can't wait to try to tackle harder scripts.

Thanks for helping, solved the problem. Script is working really good.
Creative botters can make 1m/hr+ scripts easily with this script!

Awesome script, with awesome support
nothing like this on the market even if you compare with competitors on other sites
small learning curve on learning how to use but once you do the possibilities are endless :)

I just bought the full version of this script.  If you are considering it, don't hesitate, buy it!  Even when I was using the free version, Assume supported me via skype, this thread, and private message.  I was able to create a functioning script that I am testing for bugs as I post this.  He also fixed the script repository, some of the free scripts available look very nice!






Find the changelog here:

Edited by Assume
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Is it possible to safe spot range? 


Example; If I wanted to range blue dragons would it be possible to set this script up to range from a safespot?

Yes very easily actually. You would just need make a conditional that says "If player is not at this location then walk to this location"

Edited by Assume

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So this is a tex-mex style script where you create your own??


My only issue is, how prone to breaking with rs updates?


F**k it ill get an auth, brb :P


It will never break with Runescape updates. Your personal script may break with ID changes but you can fix that easily.


Add me on Skype if you need any help.

Edited by Assume

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can you also do quests with it? i don't know how advanced your system is, can you make something like it will detect where you are? like that you can start a script from everywhere and it walks to the same destination? and can it also get specific items from bank?

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can you also do quests with it? i don't know how advanced your system is, can you make something like it will detect where you are? like that you can start a script from everywhere and it walks to the same destination? and can it also get specific items from bank?

It would hard to make it do quests but it is possible. You can detect where you using areas. You can also have the first thing it do be WebWalk to a preset location :) It can withdraw anything you want from the bank :o

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What exactly is the difference between Walk path, Webwalk to tile & Walk to tile?

Walk path will walk along a long list of tiles. Webwalk to tile will try to walk to a tile using web walking. Walk to tile will try to generate a straight path to a tile and walk to it.

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For walk path i know you can add tile and it'll automatically grab it, but for webwalk and walk to tile where can I grab the tile? (Sorry if slightly noobish question)


Also was wondering if there's a way to drop everything in inventory except for a set of multiple items? (right now I can only do "except one item") so i can create a failsafe for randoms

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