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[$7.99] Auto RuneCrafter Elite [Abyss,Normal,Master/Slave] [All Runes/Methods] [ABCL 10]

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nature with general store doesnt work...


Money first slot, pure essence noted second slot in inventory.



There seems to be a problem with the PIN in the bank interface. I've put in the correct pin in the "Account Manager" but it seems to just stay there and click once or twice and stop.


The script does not enter PINs, please remove your PIN if you would like to use the script without manual entry.



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General store option doesn't work. The Bot doesn't enter the ruins, nor it clicks on the altar nor it's able to teleport out of the ruins ;)


I was just personally testing it myself, contact me on skype you seem to be having some kind of other issue.

Money in the first slot, pure essence in the second slot, nature tiara equipped.





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Law Hot air balloon method does not support, super energy potions, nor pouches, are you planning to add this anytime soon?


There is actually no super energy support on anything other than the abyss at the moment. However, there is pouch

support on every single aspect of this script, just put them in your inventory.



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