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TRiBot Release 8.00_0

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This update features:

  • The script engine has been redesigned. It is more more efficient, has better thread management, and is more organized.
  • The random handler engine has been redesigned. It is more efficient, faster, more bug-free, and more organized.
  • Many individual random detectors have been improved. Users will experience much better random detection when running scripts.
  • All random solvers are now pre-loaded.
  • Inconsistencies with key and mouse events that TRiBot sends has been fixed. There's a good chance that doing this will lower ban rates.
  • API has been re-introduced to use alt-clicking with walking (Walking.setControlClick(..)).
  • Scripts can now grab a user's TRiBot username (General.getTRiBotUsername()).
  • 8.00_3 fixes the Dwarf random solver.
  • 8.00_4 fixes issues with script freezing and will now screen shot failed randoms.
  • 8.00_7 fixes a Dr.Jekyll solver bug.
  • 8.00_8 fixes a Freaky Forester solver bug.
  • 8.00_9 fixes a Frog solver bug.
  • 8.00_10 fixes a Pinball solver bug.
  • 8.00_11 fixes Break Handler bugs.
  • 8.00_12 fixes a Script Engine bug and contains a Strange Box solver improvement.
  • 8.00_14 fixes pausing bugs, Break Handler bugs, and some random solver bugs.
Happy botting!


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