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Boolean's full eclipse set-up tutorial (mac OS)

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boolean's ultimate eclipse set-up (mac OS)


Here's the way to set up your eclipse with the bot, both for mac as for windows.


Things you'll need in advance:


The eclipse IDE




The latest tribot jar file




The latest version of java JDK.





Mac OS:


Install eclipse. When you open it it asks you to give in where you want your workspace. Choose where-ever you want. (mine's in documents, it doesn't really matter).


Okay so now eclipse opens, and I believe there's some kind of tutorial, you want to skip that, and go straight to the workbench. It should look something like this:



of course you won't already have a tribot file. But we are going to add that now.


In the package section, right click with your mouse and select new -> java project



Nam the project however you want, i'll name mine TribotScripting.

after that you want to uncheck 'use default location'. because if we would use the default location your scripts would be saved in your workspace, and not instantly in your bot folder, so if you'd do that you'd have to transfer your scripts from your workspace to the tribot file every time you compiled your script, which is a lot of unnecessary work. We want to set it to the location of the tribot folder. This folder gets constructed automatically when you launch the tribot.jar for the first time. 

But where can we find this folder? (You need to know where this folder is if you want to add scripts you haven't written yourself).



There are a few ways to get there on a mac computer.

By directories:

go to: User > library > application support > tribot.

Here's where we have the tribot file.



Mac often sets the 'library' folder in your User folder to invisible. If you can't see your library folder, there are 2 things you can do.


method 1: Set the library folder to visible:

I'd suggest you go to this tutorial: 



method 2: Open the folder trough terminal

This is fairly easy, just open your terminal and write down this:



Your folder probably does not have the SRC file already, but we'll get to that later.

What you can do to make things easier is just make an alias of the tribot folder and store it on your desktop or something.



Okay So now that we know where our tribot folder is, we're going to use the directory of the folder to set the location of our java project. Which for me would thus be: 


'/Users/*USERNAME*/Library/Application Support/tribot'



After that click next. You'll get a window that looks somewhat like this: (I can't show you exactly how you have it because my tribot is already set-up with eclipse)



alright so under the 'Source' section. You won't already see tribot/src like I have, but we're going to create it now. click on 'add folder'

A new window will ask you to select your source folder. If the 'src' folder is not there, just click create new folder and name it 'src'. Then select it en press finish or okay.






Now we go to the Order and Export tab, and we're going to check everything we have in there.



Now you can click finish, and your project is created. :)



Now what we still need to do is this:

click on your project and select new > package. make sure it's under the src folder. (like on the image). Then name it 'scripts' And press okay.




In this scripts package is where your future scripts will be! if you want to create a new script, just right click on the scripts package in your project and select new > class



Now that you have a new class file, this is where your code would go. If you want to test if everything works now I suggest you copy this into your first little script, (it's the basic skeleton)

package scripts;
import org.tribot.script.Script;
import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest;
@ScriptManifest(authors = { "Boolean" }, category = "Woodcutting", name = "woodcutter")
public class test extends Script{
public void run() {
println("hello world");

like this: 



Note that if you just copy my code, your class name should be the same name as your .java file.

More detailed: see how 'public class '''''test'''' extends script is the same name as the .java file '''''test'''''.java under the scripts package. This must be the same or the script won't compile. Save your script.



Go ahead and open your bot now, open your scripts folder in your bot. Do you see your script? probably not. because the script has not been compiled yet. in other words: there has not yet been made a class file of your .java files. This means that although you have given in the code, your computer has not done anything with it yet, and we'll need to fix that.


back in your eclipse, you want to go to eclipse > preferences



then you want to go to the section 'workspace' and check build automatically. What this does it that your script will now automatically compile when you click save in eclipse.



Open your scripts folder again, your test script should now be visible under the section woodcutting or whatever section you chose. Try running it and it will print 'hello world" in the console. After that the script stops.


The 'build automatically' allows us to go to eclipse whilst the bot is still open, and just change whatever you want in your script. Lets say we'll change "hello world" to "hello tribot". Just press save and rerun your script, the console will now print "hello tribot".


Because it's compiling so fast and easy, this is a really good way to fix little things in your scripts. Instead of opening and re-opening the bot we lose less time because we just have to press save to compile! Which spares us a lot of time.



That's about it, I hope you get your bot to work and that everything is clear to you now. Thanks for reading!


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Anyone tell me where I can find the tribot folder on Windows?


type command: %AppData% in "run". Then you'll see ".tribot" folder in there

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